FIVE ValSlide Core Exercises For My Facebook Amigos

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(I’m hiding this way back on my blog so only friends from Facebook will find it…)

Last week the Wall Street Journal featured the hottest trends in fitness right now, and we use most of them in my bootcamp.

Here’s the article: Tough New Workout Gear That’s Easy On The Joints

I love my kettlebells and suspension trainers, but an awesome tool that most people haven’t heard about yet is the ValSlide, an exercise tool invented by the one and only Valerie Waters:

I met Valerie in Anaheim two years ago, and she is the sweetest person on the planet.  And a hardcore body transformation expert.

We use the ValSlides a LOT in my Wold Fitness Boot Camp, and I thought I’d share some “next level” core exercises with you for being my Facebook Friend :)

Without further ado, here are five cool ValSlide Core Exercises!

ValSlide Core Exercise: BUZZSAW PLANK

This exercise is a money-maker for your stomach muscles.  The big bang comes when you push backwards and have your shoulders behind your elbows.  Be careful on your first rep, most people just keep sliding until they’re lying flat out ;)

ValSlide Core Exercise: SWISS BALL BUCKLE UPS

These are so hard I can only do 8 with each hand.  But to make them even HARDER you can lift your foot opposite the ValSlide off of the ball.

Glide the slider forward at a 45 degree angle from your shoulder, then draw it in towards your opposite hip – like you’re buckling up with a seat belt.


All right, you need four ValSlides for this exercise.  The name comes from the little bugs that always skated around the irrigation boxes on the farm where I grew up.

To make this harder, try to push your arms out STRAIGHT to the sides instead of bending your elbows.

To make them dang near impossible, push one arm out in front as the other goes to the side.


A cool way to add movement to your side planks:


A fun twist on the classic mountain climber. Keeping your foot in the air really challenges your abs to keep you stable

Rotate these into your ab workouts in place of boring crunches and situps.  Your stomach will thank you!

(To order your own ValSlides, go to:

3 Responses to “FIVE ValSlide Core Exercises For My Facebook Amigos”

  1. Luke Says:

    Oh, and the BUZZSAW PLANK also strengthens your serratus anterior muscles. The serratus anchor your shoulderblades which anchor your rotator cuff.

    If you have shoulder and rotator cuff problems, double down on the buzzsaws!

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