Win The Game With Core Strength

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Every sport that requires movement – from wrestling and basketball to golf and running to tennis – has the same essential muscle group…

Your core.

The muscles in your torso and hips is what gives you movement power.

Developing core strength is one of the best ways to deliver a powerful performance in any sport.

If you need a stronger swing (whether it’s a punch, driving a golf ball, or throwing a baseball) core strength is the medicine to fix you.

A strong core is also the center of stop-and-start sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis.

An ability to accelerate and decelerate quickly is what sets the winners apart from the “also rans.”

The question isn’t really about total speed… It’s about how fast you can go from stopped at point A to stopped at point B.

Researchers found that the muscles that are first to engage in any of these power movements is the core.

The stronger your abs are, the faster you’ll move on the athletic field.

(A strong midsection also helps keep the rest of your body injury-free so you can play healthy and play hard, but ab strength and injuries is another post :) )

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