3 Exercises For A Sexy Booty

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The difference between “buns of steel” and “buns of jello” are the three exercises below.

I’ve listed them, now you do them.  Get going!

Booty Exercise #1 Bulgarian Split Squat

You’ve probably seen this movement in fitness magazines or at the local gym. It’s that weird cross between a squat and a lunge, where your rear leg is elevated up on a bench or box. Though it might look different than what you’re used to, it’s a great way to increase glute activation and to increase the range of motion of your hip flexors.

You start the basic version of the Bulgarian Split Squat with arms crossed over your chest and your rear leg either pressed against or right up on a bench.

Once you’re comfortable with the basic version, the second level takes your arms overhead with a stretch band, allowing you to go a little deeper into the range of motion. Finally, in the third variation you add weight with a medicine ball or dumbbell held overhead.

Here’s a quick look of the performance cues of this exercise:

  • Pre-set the tension in your torso by engaging your lat muscles
  • Sink towards the floor with the rear knee
  • Grip the ground with the toes of your front foot to anchor it
  • Center your bodyweight over the middle of the front foot
  • Keep your shoulders back and your hips forward

Booty Exercise #2 Hip Extension

This exercise really isolates the butt muscles if you do them right. Lie flat on your back with one leg bent to about 90°. Your other leg should be stretched out straight.

Press through the ground with the heel of the bent leg by squeezing your glutes and driving your hips towards the sky. At the top of the movement, your knees should be side by side and there should not be a “dip” at your hips. Don’t let your butt sag toward the ground. Really squeeze your glutes and drive your hips up by pressing through the ground.

Booty Exercise #3 Supported Single Leg Hockey Squat

Not only will hockey squats shape your butt, but if you do them dynamically they’ll also jack up your metabolism and help you burn stubborn butt and thigh fat. Start by hooking a towel over a banister or set up your suspension training gear.

Stand holding your support in front of you with both hands. Get balanced on one leg and cock your other leg back behind you. Drop your back knee towards the floor–stop 1 inch from the ground and make sure you keep your shoulders up and back.

Forcefully press through the ground with your front heel so that you can do a small jump and switch sides so that the other leg is on front. Do the same thing on that side and repeat.

How To Use These Booty Exercises

You can put these three exercises into a circuit. Do 10-12 repetitions of each for a total of 4 sets and you’ll start to
reshape your butt in no time.

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