Functional Movement Warm Up

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A few years ago I had a consulting contract with a “big box” chain gym.  Their personal trainers were selling about $50,000 worth of training every month, but people were quitting left and right because they weren’t getting any results.  No one knew what to do.

Enter Lucas.

They brought me in to train the trainers, write sample programs, and come up with ways to help people lose weight, get toned, and be fit despite having amateur trainers.

After lots of seminars and training sessions I came up with several ways to help.

One of them involved a warm-up manual that trainers could just hand to their clients and have them prepared for their workout.

Below is the very first manual I wrote that wasn’t designed for college or professional athletes.  (Check out my shaved head, handlebar mustache, and glasses!)

Right click and “Save As” to download:

wold fitness functional movement warm up

Lots of things have changed since then.  The warm-up I use with my clients changes daily, depending on what we’re doing each session.

I tell you what though, it is light years beyond the old “walk on a treadmill for five minutes and then stretch” routine that you see everyone doing.

(oh, and guess what?  That big box gym is still using this exact manual, unchanged, because they can’t find anything that works better!  Sweet!)

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