Carson City Bootcamp: 6 Week Workout For 100 Deck Squats

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The deck squat is one of my favorite bootcamp exercises.  Any time you take your body from the floor to standing you will burn a lot of calories, use a lot of muscle (which raises your metabolism), and improve your ability to move athletically.

Here’s a video of the deck squat:

There are some keys to make this exercise easier:

  1. Tuck your pelvis under at the bottom of the squat to engage the ground smoothly
  2. Place your feet in your stance as you roll back up to the squat, and keep your feet close to your butt
  3. If you’re having trouble rolling back up, you may be holding your breath – remember to exhale hard, and lift your sternum to the ceiling as you roll to your feet

An amazing fitness goal would be to do 100 deck squats non-stop.  And here’s a 6 week workout bootcamp-style plan for you to get there…

Week One:

Day 1: 25 sets of 4 in 25 minutes
Day 2: 20 sets of 5 in 20 minutes

Week Two:

Day 1: 17 sets of 6 in 17 minutes
Day 2: 15 sets of 7 in 15 minutes

Week Three:

Day 1: 13 sets of 8 in 13 minutes
Day 2: 11 sets of 9 in 11 minutes

Week Four:

Day 1: 10 sets of 10 in 10 minutes
Day 2: 9 sets of 12 in 12 minutes

Week Five:

Day 1: 8 sets of 14 in 14 minutes
Day 2: 7 sets of 15 in 15 minutes

Week Six:

1 set of 100

Split the days up during the week, Day One on Monday, Day Two on Thursday would be an example.

And each individual workout will look like this: You’ll perform one set every minute until you’ve done them all. Start your reps at the top of the minute, when the second hand hits twelve at the top. Say that 4 reps of your deck squat exercise takes 10 seconds to complete. The rest of that minute — 50 seconds — is for rest. Shake your legs out, and when that second hand reaches the top of the next minute, get ready and do your next set.  (Check out this article for what to do in between exercises: What To Do During Rest Periods)

What you’re doing is compressing the rest time during the program while keeping the number of reps the same — the best way to build up to 100 nonstop reps. By the time you reach week 6 of this program your rest time will be cut down, requiring you to complete more work in less time, to recover your energy faster, and get right back into your workout. But you’ll be ready because you got there following a planned out bootcamp-style workout.

And once you’re able to do 100 reps, you have a perfect workout that you can do anywhere – at home, when you’re traveling, or if you get stuck in a crowded gym.

Here are some other deck squat variations for when you become pro at the basic variation:

Pause Deck Squat

Jump Deck Squat

One Arm Burpee To Deck Squat

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