Some of The Benefits Of Exercise

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There’s no way around it: Exercise  is the linchpin that holds your whole healthy lifestyle together.

The single most important thing you need to remember about exercise is that training will build muscle and your muscles will burn fat.

It takes only one to three Calories per day to fuel a pound of fat, while a pound of muscle requires from forty to one hundred and twenty.  With this in mind, it’s clear that the more muscle you have (versus fat), the more calories you’ll burn – even while you’re sleeping!

Here are some of the benefits of exercise:

More Energy.  After an initial adjustment period to exercise, your energy levels will pick up and you’ll be more productive and enjoy more of what life offers.

Clearer Mind. Exercise will boost your brain – which gives you better concentration, enhanced cognitive function, and more focused attention.

Improved Mood. Exercise has been research-proven to raise your mood while also decreasing anxiety and depression.

Enhanced Self-Esteem. Exercising will boost your self-confidence as you challenge yourself.

Better Sleep. Want to sleep better?  Get more physical activity in your day.  Exercise will improve the quality of your sleep so you will wake up rested, restored, and energized.

Improved Performance. All daily activities like lifting, reaching, bending, and moving will all be easier as you improve your physical shape.  Your strength, stamina, balance, and coordination will all improve.

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