Getting Produce During The Right Season

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Question: “If I can get produce all year-round, why do I care what’s in season?”

Answer: Because out of season produce tastes lousy and has weird textures.

Your recipes are only going to be as good as the ingredients you use – and if you want to stick to your eating plan, substandard produce will actually make things taste worse.

Fruits and veggies out of season are likely to be mealy and flavorless.

Use this guide for choosing produce:

Apples: March, April, May

Artichokes: March, April, May

Asparagus: March, April, May

Cantaloupe: Peaks in July, but is ok May through October

Corn: July through September

Green Beans: April through October

Honeydew Melon: August, September, October

Peas: April, May, June

Peaches: May through October

Pears: August through early spring

Plums: May through October

Spinach: March and April, then again in September and October

Tomatoes: July, August, September

Watermelon: June, July, August

Zucchini: May, June, July

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