Bootcamp Exercise: Deadlifting For A Hot Butt

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Know what’s the BEST exercise to build an amazing butt?

The deadlift — no contest!

That’s because the shape of your booty is determined by the underlying gluteal muscles. You can be as lean as you like. But if you don’t have well developed glutes, you won’t have an attention grabbing butt. And there’s no better exercise than the deadlift when it comes to shaping your gluteals.

People often avoid the deadlift because they think it is “dangerous”. This is kind of true. Like every exercise, the deadlift can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But don’t worry, Wold Fitness Bootcamp has got you covered in the technique department!

Add this exercise to your workout plan and I guarantee you’ll have a great butt in no time. Just make sure you keep these key technique cues in mind:

  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Bar almost touching your shins in start position
  • Hands gripping the bar just outside your lower legs
  • Back neutral / low back arched
  • Keep your head neutral (don’t look up or down)
  • Pull your shoulders behind the bar
  • First movement is to rock back onto your heels and press up from legs
  • Once the bar is above your knees, squeeze your butt and drive your hips forward
  • Don’t lean back at the top
  • To lower – start by dropping your butt back and down
  • Lower the bar to your knees and then squat down to bring the bar to the floor
  • Keep the bar as close to your body as possible throughout the entire movement

You should practice this with a broomstick before you hit the gym. That will help you get the movement pattern down pat.

When you do hit the weight room, start light and continue practicing perfect technique.

Beginners should work up to a weight that allows you to do 8 reps in perfect form for 3-5 sets. More experienced lifters can work in the 3-5 rep range for 5-10 sets, depending on what you’re doing in the rest of your program.

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