Simple Young Athlete Workouts

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When it comes to training young athletes, focus on building the basics.

You don’t need a rotational kettlebell snatch on a BOSU ball… you need squats and push ups.

Here are a few simple workouts from my files that I’ve actually used with groups of up to 100 young athletes in the weight room at a time.

Now remember, use these workouts as an inspiration for designing your young athlete’s workouts, don’t use them as-is unless they fit into your program.  An effective workout is useless unless it fits into the larger framework of your athletic development program.

Without further ado, here are some young athlete workouts for you:

Young Athlete Workout One

A1. Pike Plank 4×30

A2. Squat Holding Chains 4×15

B1. T-Pushup 4×12

B2. Med Ball One Leg Glute Bridge 4×12 (each leg)

C1. One Arm Dumbbell High Pull 4×12 (each side)

C2. Back Foot On Bench Double Lunge 4×12 (each side)

Young Athlete Workout Two

A1. Touchdown Side Plank 4×20 each side

A2. Underhand (supinated) Body Row 4×12

B1. Lunge Hops 4×15 (each leg)

B2. One Foot On Med Ball Glute Bridge 4×15 (each leg)

C1. Kneeling Jump To Squat 5×6

C2. Dive Bomber Push Ups 5×8

Young Athlete Workout Three

A1. Wide Grip Body Row 4×10

A2. Hockey Squat 4×10 (each leg)

B1. Wall Walk Up 4×5

B2. Dumbbell Suitcase Lunge 4×12 (each side)

C1. Rodeo Jump 4×30

C2. Hands Touching Push Up 4×12

Young Athlete Workout Four

A1. Negative Pull Up 4×6

A2. T-Pushup 4×12

B1. Bridging Shoulder Thread 4×26 (13 each side)

B2. Dumbbell Suitcase Lunge 4×14 (each leg)

C1. V Up 5×20

C2. One Leg Quarter Hop 5×35 (each leg)

Young Athlete Workout Five

A1. Blender Body Rows 4×12

A2. Hockey Squat with Hop 4×14

B1. One Leg Squirrel Squat 3×35 each leg

B2. Half Pushup Hold with Jumping Jack Feet 3×70

C1. Deck Squat 4×15

C2. Blender Push Up 4×12

Young Athlete Workout Six

A1. Negative Chin Up 4×8

A2. Back Foot On Bench Double Lunge Hop 4×12 (each leg)

B1. Reach Out Plank 4×40 reaches (20 each side)

B2. One Leg Glute Bridge With Foot On Medicine Ball 4×16 (each leg)

C1. Wide Feet Burpees 4×20

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