Carson City Personal Training: How To Progress To A Lunge

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Lunges are a fundamental exercise to master – they are one of the keys to building an awesome fit body.

But if you are new to working out (or new to lunges) they can be very difficult.

Maybe you lose your balance, maybe your knee can’t stop doing the hula, or maybe you can’t get out of the bottom of the lunge position!

Most people need to work up to doing full lunges.  Here is a “cheat sheet” from the Wold Fitness Personal Trainer’s Handbook detailing a progression up to the lunge.

2-Leg Hip Bridge/Extension
2-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl
1-Leg Hip Extension (Glute Bridge)
Wall Ball Squat
Bodyweight Squat
Prisoner Bodyweight Squat
Split Squat (In Place)
Step- Back Reverse Lunge
Forward Lunge

Once you can do 15 reps of an exercise, you can progress to the next one on the list.

So if lunges aren’t working for you (yet!), substitute one of these exercises into your program an work your way up.

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