The 10 Worst Foods You Can Eat

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In The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging, Dr. Arthur De Vany has a list of the ten worst foods you can eat.  Check them out:

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10. Pizza

9. Wheat Bread

8. Soy Sauce And Other Soy Products

7. Refried Beans

6. Rice

5. Casseroles

4. Processed White Flour

3. Energy Bars And Drinks, Trail Mix, Soft Drinks, And Sports Drinks

2. Foods And Drinks Containing Artificial Sweeteners

1 (tie). Cereal

1 (tie). High Fructose Corn Syrup

If all you did was avoid the things on this list, you’d start losing weight and getting healthier.  Just by avoiding these “worst offenders.”

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