Sample Workout: Speed!

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A Carson City Workout post by Lucas Wold….

A lot of people ask me what my workouts look like.

Well, they look like me!  Ugly, sweaty, and smelly :)

Here’s a sample speed training workout I did:

(This is athletic training, not specifically fat loss or muscle-building training!)

Wold Fitness Warm Up

Box Jumps:

  • 2 easy sets of 5, then 5×2 on the 49″ box

Speed Circuit x 5, rest as long as the circuit took:

  • Box Squats: 2 reps with 50% one rep max (275 pounds)
  • Clap Pull Up: 5 reps
  • Decline Clap Push Up: 5 reps

Double Kettlebell Snatch:

  • 5×5 (53# each)

Self Defense Training For Cooldown

Here’s some vids!

Box Jumps to 49 inch box:

Speed Circuit:

Double Kettlebell Snatch:

Self Defense Practice:

The goal of this workout was to remain explosive and strong throughout.

Talk soon!

~Lucas Wold
291 Rhodes St
Carson City NV 89703

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