Carson City Personal Training: Kettlebell Swing

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If there’s one exercise you need to master, it’s the kettlebell swing.

Kettlebell swings will…

  • Build lean, toned, athletic muscle
  • Burn fat – fast
  • Give you “real world” strength
  • Develop strong, trim legs
  • Stabilize your back to end pain
  • Increase your endurance and cardio to superhuman levels
  • Train speed, power, and strength with one simple tool

The problem is a lot of people think that kettlebells are only for experts.  But really, kettlebell training is perfect for trainees of all levels.

Nothing will burn more calories or train your whole body the way kettlebells will.  If you are working with a Carson City Personal Trainer, kettlebells will be a huge part of your training program.  If you train at home, kettlebell training can replace weights, cardio equipment, and a yoga class.

Grab a kettlebell today and start swinging!

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