Introducing: Hannah

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I’m a huge fan of my little sister Hannah.

Hannah and Luke Cookie Dough

She’s a costuming graduate student at West Virginia University.  A couple of years ago I was at one of her shows (a BIG production), and I was looking for her name in the back of the program, where you usually find information about the techies.

Hannah,” I said, “where’s your name, dude?”  She told me to look at the FRONT of the program…

Southern Oregon University presents: Romeo and Juliet

Costumes by Hannah Wold

Wow!  She’s really cool.  And I have some good news…

Hannah will be at Fit Body Bootcamp on Thursday morning!

We have big plans for the weekend, we’re going to hang out with our Dad, go see a play, and take over the dance floor at Nikki Beach.

But the kickoff of her visit will be Bootcamp on Thursday Morning.

It’s going to be an absolute blast!

Bring a friend, and I’ll hook them up, Hannah-style.

If they like the party and want to be in bootcamp, then can have TWO weeks for free, instead of one.

AND… you’ll get half off your next month for everyone you bring who decides to stay!

That means if you bring two friends to the Hannah-banana bootcamp, you get your next whole month of bootcamp free!

tootbrush with Hannah

Afterwards, I’m taking her out to breakfast at the Cracker Box on Highway 50. It would be really cool if everyone in bootcamp came along afterwards.

(Oh yeah, if your friends just want to come once, that’s totally fine. And if you aren’t in bootcamp but want to try it, come in and I’ll hook you up too!)

I can’t wait to see everyone on Thursday morning!

5 Responses to “Introducing: Hannah”

  1. Ann Stoller Says:

    Love the He-Man shirt Luke! Some things never change! And some things never stay the same…like Hannah’s hair color, right? I’m sure you two will re-invent fun!

  2. Susan Klein Says:

    Sure wish I could make it, but I have to get the kids to workout and me to work!! Hope I can meet Hannah another time!

  3. Dave Wold Says:

    Hi Luke!
    Love the pictures…I’ve also been known to eat a drumstick right out of the pan.
    I especially like the Martian antennae(t-brushes)!!
    are you SURE she’s not from another galaxy?
    Say Hello to your Dad….

  4. Deirdre Says:

    I am so there!!!! Can I bring my maracas!!??

  5. AltegoCog Says:

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