Men Are Confused

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On Wednesday I received an email from one of my buddies.

His girlfriend dumped him and now he wants to lift weights and get super-huge muscles so that he can “show her what she’s missing.”

just dumped

I get this from guys all of the time.  They want to put on a lot of muscle to impress the ladies.

Well, most of my personal training clients are women so I’ve asked them what type of body they prefer on men.

It isn’t huge arms and a button-popping chest.

No, it’s wide shoulders, tight butt, and hard stomach.

But my friends disagree with me.  They say that ALL women prefer dudes who are “jacked.”

Actually, it’s GUYS who are impressed the most by bodybuilder type builds, not women.

Like I asked my buddy, “Who would you rather impress, your frat brothers or attractive women?”

So today I’d like you to cast a vote.  Which of the three bodies below is most attractive?  (Men, which body would you rather have?)

Body 1: Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman


Body 2: Model Carlos Freire

Carlos Freire

Body 3: Random Image of an average dude


Leave a comment below with your vote!

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8 Responses to “Men Are Confused”

  1. Lix Says:

    Definitely #2. Although it should be a pic of Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Or Gerard Butler in 300. Or JT. Anyway the list goes on. But pic #1 is NOT HOT. Not even a little bit.

  2. Dena Says:

    I agree, #2 is hot…#1 is not. You can’t get past the muscle to the man.

  3. Bonnie Says:

    Gee, this is a tough one…#2 of course! But “average dude”? Where is #2 AVERAGE or random? #1 is freakish looking and who knew Santa vacationed at the beach in his off time.

  4. roger Says:

    Hey I don’t remember giving you my permission to use my picture for body #3

  5. Christa Says:

    Without a question #2, the first one is really gross! Plus any dude whose goal is to look like that is going to be spending all his free time in the gym, when would he have time for me?!

  6. Hannah Says:

    Yep. #2 is the winner. I polled the girls in my office, and they all agree. #1 is just kind of scary, and #3 is reminincent of Buddha, but without the charm. Guys, PLEASE listen to Luke: Women like the second body type.

  7. Kimberley Says:

    Definitely #2. Though #1 is definately better than #3. By the way…. men are confused on other subjects as well.

  8. WARNER Says:

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