Mobile Unit: Frozen Heat For A Hot Body

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When you need a great bootcamp workout but are stuck in a hotel room, this circuit is a great way to work on sculpting your hot body.

It is based on something I’ve been experimenting with for the past three years, something I call Frozen Heat.

Why Frozen Heat?

Because if I wrote about it like an exercise scientist, I’d have to call it Iso Dynamic Peripheral Heart Action Circuit For Metabolic Acceleration.

Frozen Heat just sounds better.

For each big movement of the body, I’ve paired a static hold (freeze) with an explosion movement (heat).

This particular bootcamp workout has six exercises.

Here is a quick demo video of this circuit:

For each freeze hold the position for 60 seconds. For each Heat do fifteen reps.

  • Squat hold x 60 sec
  • Squat Hop x 15
  • Pushup Hold x 60 sec
  • Quad Hop x 15
  • One leg bridge x 30sec each side
  • Spinal Flag to bridge slam x 15

Rest 60 sec and repeat.

Perform 4 to 6 rounds.

Frozen Heat Exercise One: Squat Hold

Frozen Heat Exercise Two: Squat Jump

Frozen Heat Exercise Three: Half Pushup Hold

Frozen Heat Exercise Four: Quad Pushup Hops

Frozen Heat Exercise Five: Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold

Frozen Heat Exercise Six: Spinal Flag To Bridge Slam

Have fun!

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