Ten Push Up Variations For Mom And Dad

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This was originally an email sent to a group of gymnastics parents…

It’s almost the New Year and a lot of Carson City Gymnastics Parents are making resolutions to get in shape for 2012 :)

Instead of using complicated, dangerous machines at the gym, make this the year that you master your own bodyweight and be able to exercise anywhere.

Here are ten gymnastics pushups variations that will help you get in kick-butt shape so you can keep up with your gymnast:

1. Hindu Pushup

2. Atomic Pushup

3. T- Pushup

4. Hover Push Up (Core Challenge!!)

5. Side To Side Pushup

6. Close Grip Push Up

7. Chest Touch Pushup

8. Grasshopper Pushup

9. Plank Walkup

10. Pike Pushup

Are these variations too advanced? I’ll bet your gymnast could do them…

Here’s a video on how to do the pushup for beginners:

baby push up

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