Wold Fitness Mobile Unit: Canadian Power!

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I wrote this fun circuit for a client who was training to be a Canadian Mountie.

I had no idea that there were still mounties, but that’s beside the point.

When you can’t come to bootcamp and you want a simple workout that you can do in your living room or hotel room, this is the ticket.

It consists of four exercises performed with no rest in between.

They are:

The whole sequence takes 5 minutes.  Rest 1 minute between rounds and repeat 5-8 times.

Here are the exercises ~

Canadian Power Exercise One: Spiral Squat

Canadian Power Exercise Two: Quad Pushup

Canadian Power Exercise Three: Willow Quarter  Burpees

Canadian Power Exercise Four: Jump Squats

That’s it!

Start the workout with a 5-10 minute functional warm up and finish with five minutes of stretching.

Have fun!

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