Metabolism Boosting 10 Minute Workout

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A lot of people have written to me lately and asked for a FAST fat loss workout.

Based my experience, I KNOW you can get a great body-changing workout done in a short amount of time.

How short?

10 minutes

I figure everyone can find a way to get just ten minutes of exercise in.

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How,” you ask, “can I lose fat with a ten minute workout?  What about the rule that I have to exercise for 20 minutes before I get into ‘fat-burning’ mode?

Well… scientific research and my own experiences as a trainer have shown that the whole idea of a ‘fat-burning zone’ or a mystical time period for fat loss just don’t make sense.

People can lose fat without doing any ‘cardio’.  If you follow the Fat Loss Hierarchy from my Unstoppable Fitness Formula, you know that if you focus on cranking up your metabolism, you’ll burn a LOT more calories than you would with traditional “aerobic” training.

See, the benefits of your training happen OUTSIDE of the gym, not during your workout.  That’s why your training should be designed to maximize your metabolism.

Enough foreplay, let’s get on to a ten minute fat loss workout!

If you only have 10 minutes, what can you do?

I call it “Twisted Training” – where you ‘twist’ your warmup, resistance training, and interval training all together.  With just 10 minutes, I’d use bodyweight resistance.

And in this 10 minutes you’re going to focus on 3 hot zones to get your metabolism ramped up.  These hot zones will be your upper body pushing muscles, upper body pulling muscles, and your legs.  Training like this will allow you to tone almost ALL of your muscles in just 10 minutes.

Exercise #1: Bodyweight Squat

body weight squat for carson city personal training blog

Exercise #2: Bodyweight Row

body weight row for carson city personal training blog

Exercise #3: Pushup

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In your first round, take it pretty easy.  If you can do 30 squats, do 10 instead.  Same with the pushups and rows.

For the rest of the ten minutes, go through as many of these circuits as possible doing ALMOST your maximum reps each time.  (Squats, rows, pushups, then start again with squats, rows….)

What I mean by “ALMOST max reps” is that you should leave a rep or two “in the tank” until your last set.  This way you won’t poop out before your ten minutes are up.

Give this workout a shot when you’re short on time and get your metabolism cranking!

I mean, c’mon, it will only take you 10 minutes….

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