10 Quick Reasons Aerobics Suck

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I’ve written about aerobics before: Aerobics SUCK!

Yesterday I brought in a book for show-and-tell.  The book is titled… Aerobics!

Before Dr. Ken Cooper coined the word aerobics the only people who ran were runners, the only people who swam were swimmers, and the only people who swam were swimmers.  In other words, running, swimming, and biking were RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES, not “exercise.”

Then aerobics became the holy grail of exercise, and everyone got fatter.  So we did more aerobics, and we got even fatter.  Now Americans do more aerobics than ever, and we’re the fattest we’ve ever been.

I want to put this out there: Unless you enjoy it and are already fit, traditional aerobics are not only useless, they can actually DAMAGE your body.  Overuse injuries, oxidative stress, extreme carb cravings… all from a type of exercise that doesn’t work anyway.

So, here are 10 really quick reasons aerobics suck:

1.  Small Number Of Calories Burned For Time Spent.

Jog for an hour: 400 Calories

Drink a Gatorade: 200 Calories

Aerobics burn so few calories that all the time on the treadmill can be offset by a small meal.

2.  Adrenal Fatigue.

Ever hear of a “runner’s high.”  It’s the good feeling you get from aerobic exercise.

Your runner’s high actually comes from adrenaline, so repeatedly going for a runner’s high leads to adrenal burnout and fatigue: also known as chronic fatigue and depression.

3. More Cortisol Produced

Cortisol breaks down lean muscle (the main component in your metabolism) and promotes extra fat storage.

When you do aerobic training to relieve stress, your body actually produces MORE stress and causes you to gain weight and feel poopy.

If you want to know more about cortisol, check out this post: New Information To Fight Belly Fat

4.  Bigger Appetite and Binge Eating

Doing aerobics makes you super HUNGRY!

I’ve had experience with this one first hand: I used to go for long runs with my training partners, then we’d usually be so starved we’d hit Dairy Queen and binge on ice cream right afterwards.  Whoops.

5.  Shortened Muscles

Most aerobics involve incredibly high repetitions of short range movements.

Jogging and biking are both popular aerobic training plans, and both shorten your working muscles.

This leads to inflexibility, immobility, and muscular imbalances.

High levels of aerobic training will lead you to a body wracked with chronic pain.

6.  Injuries to Your Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hips, and Lower back

Jogging/running creates high impact forces through your joints.  Add in the fact that a mile of jogging involves more than an thousand reps and you have a recipe for injury.

Even “low impact” aerobic exercise like biking can cause joint injuries due to overuse of a short range of motion.

7.  Muscle Fiber Conversion

Aerobic exercise can turn fast-twitch muscle fibers into slow-twitch muscle fibers.

This leads to a shrunken, weak body that has a true age much older than your chronological age.

8.  Excessive Fatigue

Aerobics makes you so tired and beat up that you don’t have any energy left for more productive training.

9.  Lowered Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a “feel young” hormone in both men and women.

Lowered testosterone leads to fatigue, mood swings, muscle loss, and increased fat storage.

10.  Oxidative Stress

Everyone has heard that antioxidants are extremely important for health and weight loss.

Well, aerobic training leads to high levels of oxidation in your body that can lead to things like cancer and heart attacks.

If you’re currently doing aerobics for health or for weight loss, you are holding yourself back!

Find a more productive method of training, one that doesn’t break down your body and ruin your health.


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