The History Of Gooby Juice

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Today I want to tell you about something TOTALLY awesome.

I’ve been doing lots of research on nutrition lately, to find out what really works and how to make it work even faster.

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Some of the information that’s out there completely blows my mind!  Things like diets where participants GAINED muscle while on an 800Calorie liquid diet.  Other studies where athletes gained FAT even while working out 6 hours a week.

Nutrition and weight loss is complicated stuff, that’s for sure.

Now here’s the totally awesome info I promised you…

13 years ago, an explorer in the Alakazam River Basin found an ancient manuscript.

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It described the magical health benefits of the Gooby Berry, which only grows in the Alakazam River Basin.

The ancients used the juice of these berries to keep their bodies lean, strong, and healthy.

The Gooby Berry also made their hair shinier, whitened their teeth, and boosted their sex drive.

All of these benefits were found in the humble Gooby Berry from the Alakazam River Basin….

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The explorer couldn’t wait to share his discovery with the world!

For the past 13 years his company has been bottling this magic Gooby Berry juice in abandoned wine bottles.

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The ancients in the Alakazam River Basin didn’t have an obesity problem, but it turns out that Gooby Berry Juice also cures fat stomachs!

Just drink one ounce of Gooby Berry Juice a day and you can lose 37 pounds in a week!

The Gooby Berry juice company is run under the label “Money 4me”, so if you want to lose 37 pounds in a week, cure cancer, and become irresistable to the opposite sex, just find your nearest “Money 4me” distributor. (You won’t have to look far….)


Ok, maybe I was being a little bit sarcastic.

That’s because I’ve had so many distributors of “magic potions” bug me about stocking their stuff in our gym.

While I wish I could give you a way to lose weight that’s as easy as taking a pill every morning, it doesn’t work that way.

The secret is to find a proven plan that you can fit your life around, include nutrition AND exercise, and is fun to do (so you’ll stick with it).

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Instead of focusing on a “miracle berry” I think you need to learn more about this particular part of your life…. and I think you need to be focusing on how YOU can succeed.

My advice?

Come to my next seminar.  One of the most important aspects of my program is the “big picture” information we cover.

I spend several hours helping you understand the science and realities of getting the body you want to have…. which then becomes kind of a FOUNDATION for the other things you’re learning from me.

It really is the kind of thing that will change the way you see eating and exercise forever… and it will take you to the next level MUCH faster.

The next seminar will be in October.  I’ll see you then!

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4 Responses to “The History Of Gooby Juice”

  1. Deirdre Says:

    Luke, our magic berry is YOU! You go Gooby!

  2. Gooby?!?! Says:

    If you call me “gooby” again EVERY workout will be density training!!!


    ~ Luke

  3. Elcorin Says:

    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  4. Devin Says:

    Great Info! I don’t normally reply! But, this is great stuff. Will be back to check out info again soon. Stay Healthy! – Devin