How To Have More Energy Than A Hyperactive Puppy

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Lately a bunch of people have asked me how the heck I have so much energy.

And when I asked my newsletter subscribers for their biggest frustration, over a third of the answers were “not enough energy.

See, we’ve all got families and jobs and cars and bills and cell phones and other stuff going on.  So when lots is going on in your life, it takes more energy than usual to get yourself going.

I mean seriously, it really sucks when you get up early to work out and your energy is low.

So here’s a really quick video explaining my secret to unlimited energy:

i heart this video

It breaks down to this: We always have the energy to do the things we WANT to do.

One of my favorite books is “The Man Eaters Of Tsavo”.  It’s a TRUE story about man eating lions in Africa (Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer starred in the movie version “The Ghost And The Darkness”)

The author, Colonel J.H. Patterson gives a great example of this in the book.  After working in the broiling sun all day, he sits down “too tired for anything beyond a long cool drink.

man eaters 2

So the Colonel is collapsed in his chair, too pooped to pop, when a Masai comes and announces that the man eating lions they’ve been hunting are nearby.  And in Patterson’s own words….

“On hearing this I straightaway forgot that I had already done a hard day’s work in the full blaze of an equatorial sun; I forgot that I was tired and hungry; in fact, I forgot everything that was not connected with the excitement of lion-hunting.”

Get that excited about getting the lean, sexy body you want and you’ll NEVER run out of energy for your workouts.

Now, leave a comment below about what gets YOU excited

2 Responses to “How To Have More Energy Than A Hyperactive Puppy”

  1. Lynn Jordan Says:

    I get excited knowing I will have the energy and stamina to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it. I love to be spontaneous, and I love to be outdoors.

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