Grains Suck!

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I was amazed by how many people responded this post: 5 Ways To Lose 5 Pounds By Halloween

And surprisingly, a lot of people thanked me for telling them to cut out wheat and grains.  I had no idea so many of my friends have to follow a celiac diet!

hand pushing grain away

See, even if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity (i.e. an intolerance for grains), it’s a smart move to avoid grain products.

The tricky thing is that almost EVERYTHING you can get in a grocery store is chock-full of grains.  They even put it on the boxes!

Our American food industry is sloppy and exploitative.  They use the cheapest ingredients to make foods that are extremely complex blends of allergens from all over the planet.

bread factory conveyor belts

If you’ve developed a gluten sensitivity from eating this garbage they’ve pimped out as “healthy”, your intestines have probably suffered MAJOR physiological  changes.  That’s why so many people have problems absorbing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from their food.

Anyone who has eaten a lot of grain products is more likely to develop food allergies and other autoimmune syndromes.

Celiac Body Type

Celiac Body Type

The cool thing is that what I’m about to tell you will help YOU avoid celiac disease, reverse celiac, and avoid allergies and autoimmune diseases.

PLUS it will lower your systemic inflammation, make you leaner, give you more energy… Heck, it will do everything but detail your car!

Alright, here’s the first thing you need to know:

Go Low Carb!

low carb fish meal

Cut out high-glycemic foods like rice, wheat, breads, pastas, etc.  No added sugar or starch.

Most of your carbohydrates should come from fruits and vegetables.

I’ve had lots of people say, “But I NEED pasta!

If you NEED pasta then you’ll have to get used to bloating, food allergies, and all of your pants being too tight.

Up to you.

Add Vitamin D

vitamin d sources

Most people are deficient in Vitamin D.  Know why?

Because your body can only make vitamin D from sunshine if you don’t suffer from inflammation.

Take a vitamin D supplement and probably a vitamin A supplement as well.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to chronic pain, cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, tooth decay, multiple sclerosis, and memory loss.

Eat Wild Meat!

wild meat steak

One of my friends has sampled just about every performance enhancing drug there is.  Guess what he said made the biggest difference in his health, looks, and energy levels?

Switching to grass fed and wild meats.

Corn and grain fed animals have much higher levels of omega-6s and cause inflammation.

Something interesting I learned at a nutrition seminar: Wild beef has all of the good omega-3 fats that wild salmon has, while FARM-raised salmon has all of the UNHEALTHY fats that grain-fed beef has!

Have you ever been to a fishery?  The food they feed them looks just like cat food.  Gross.  I don’t want to eat anything that was raised up on cat food.  Do you?

dry cat food color

And did you know that eating red meat doesn’t lead to diseases?  Rather, it was the high carbs eaten alongside the meat that caused inflammation which caused heart disease.

An interesting aside is that statins decrease heart disease because they lower INFLAMMATION, not because they lower blood fats…

High Fructose Corn Syrup + Trans Fats = Fat and Swollen Belly

no trans fats logo

These two chemicals should be avoided by everyone who wants a hot body.

And both high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils (trans fats) are very inflammatory and cause all sorts of havoc in your body.

Don’t eat any foods with these two listed as ingredients.

Vegetable Oils Will Get You….

canola-oil bottle

Most vegetable oils lead to lots of inflammation in your body.

If you’re trying to lose weight, get healthy, and have more energy, vegetable oils will burden you down.

Stick with olive oil and butter.

For both looks and health, saturated fats are safer than vegetable oils.

An interesting study I looked at the other day showed replacing whole wheat carbs with saturated fats calorie for calorie cut risk for cardiovascular disease in HALF.

Go Fishing

kid holding a fish

Since EVERYONE needs more omega-3s in their diet, you should be eating more wild fish.

(Remember, farm-raised fish are corn fed and have reduced omega-3s)

In fact, with the prevalence of Omega-6s in our diets, it’s nearly impossible to get enough omega-3s from diet alone.  That’s why I recommend that all of my clients take a fish oil or krill oil supplement.

For normal strength fish oil, I start people off with 1gram per 15pounds of bodyweight.  And it goes up from there.

I’ve had athletes taking up to 40grams per day, so no whining about taking 6 pills a day!

In Conclusion

carbs suck

It’s pretty freaking sweet that an anti-inflammatory diet for people with celiac disease turns out to be a LOT like a good fat loss nutrition plan.

You’ll get lots of vitamins, low sugar, low carbs, more healthy fats.

The only MAJOR difference for celiacs would be the avoidance of their individual food allergens (some celiacs can’t have eggs, for instance).

And if you’re ever confused, just remember: GRAINS SUCK!!

celiacs do it gluten free

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