I Challenge You

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Don’t text me at 11pm.

A while ago, I got a text from one of my friends who forgot that I get up at 4 in the morning.

Baby with cell phone

He’d seen a post about my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan and wanted to ask me some questions.

After a while, you start getting the same questions over and over about a program like this…

Aaron (my friend) had heard on Facebook that I’d come up with a new done-for-you meal plan and workout routine.  That there was FINALLY a system that anyone could use that would let even people with “bad genetics” lose pounds and inches quickly.

And it was done WITHOUT a starvation diet, doing any long, slow cardio, or spending hours in the gym.

Fit Woman Dancing In Field

So I called Aaron back.  He asked all of the usual questions, until…

“Does it work?” he asked me.

“Of course it #*$&%^ works!”

“Do you mind if I try it out?”

“It’s a $(&*$^*&^@ how-to plan.  The whole POINT is to try it out”

As you can see, I’m very charming when my friends wake me up in the middle of the night….

Anyway, he paid for the nutrition plan and I emailed it to him.  (Since he lives in Seattle, Washington, he couldn’t come to the bootcamp workouts)

Space Needle seattle

I promptly forgot about the whole thing.

And then I got another text.  He’d actually gone and followed the plan!

“Sweet! 12.8 pounds and 2 inches in 3 weeks!”

Of course, he had to be a killjoy and text me five minutes later that he would always be better-looking than me, no matter how much he weighs….

People on the 21 Day Plan send me texts of their progress:

Here’s one from John: “8 days = 5.2 pounds down.”

And from Melissa: “FYI down 10pds!  Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!”

And Terii: “In just 18 days I lost 10.5 pounds and 1in from my hips. thank you!”

And from someone who will remain nameless: “i’m not totally on it and my only two pants that i can wear are getting too loose. i’ll be naked in about 5 days”

Well, yesterday afternoon I stopped by another gym in Carson City to talk to one of the trainers.  I saw lots and lots of people, pretending to work out, spending lots of money on “magic potions” that don’t work, and wasting their time on boring pieces of cardio equipment.

And that got me thinking this morning…

If the five random people above could benefit so much from my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan, isn’t it time for you to cowboy up and give it a shot?


So, here’s the Rapid Fat Loss Challenge:

Follow my nutrition plan for 3 weeks.  Come to as many bootcamp sessions as you want to.

It’s a simple system that gets you losing fat FAST.

How much easier could it get?

Now, it’s time for me to get off the computer and get back to training some awesome people.


Luke giving nutrition lecture at Capital City Volleyball Club

One Response to “I Challenge You”

  1. Steve Loder Says:

    Awesome site dude! I am just starting to get into this blog thing and plan on adding one to my site really soon.

    I also enjoy your insightful comments on Chris & Bedros blogs. Luke, I would welcome interviewing you sometime regarding your 21 Day Fat Loss Mealplan and then downloading the interview to my site as a resource for my clients. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks brother!