What’s Wrong With The Fitness Industry?

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A decade ago the average personal training client was looking to lose 15-30 pounds.  People could actually fit into the machines at the gym.

Today being 15-30 pounds overweight is considered “carrying a few extra pounds.”  Most of the average personal training clients can’t even fit into the machines at the gym.

It’s sad…. really sad.

Do you know what’s going on?

Let me show you….

 wal mart woman 1

wal mart woman 2

wal mart woman 3

wal mart woman 4

wal mart woman 5

wal mart woman 6

I’ll bet some of the people in these pictures have kids.  What kind of a message are they sending?

Why are all of these people eating themselves to death?

I don’t know.

Maybe they blame someone else.  Maybe they think there’s no hope for them.

I don’t know what the problem is.

But I know that most fat loss programs won’t cut it anymore.

One of my classmates in exercise science did a 12 week project training his obese mother.  He put her on a TEXTBOOK low fat diet and aerobic training program.

He got an A on his paper.


His mother died of a heart attack a week later.

broken heart

His exercise program failed her.

Knowing what I know now, I could have taken 30 pounds off of her in those 12 weeks and probably saved her life.

She could be hanging out with her 2 young grandkids right now.

But she’s not.  Why not?

Because 95% of what they teach you about exercise and nutrition is DEAD wrong.

Most fitness experts approach fitness completely backwards.

Don’t listen to them, listen to me.

I’m giving you the first page of the manual from last Saturday’s Rules of The Game Seminar.

You’ll see WHY most exercise programs are doomed to fail you.

And you’ll see what I’ve decided to base all of my fat loss programs on (it’s in bold, so you can’t miss it).


FAT LOSS FACT: 56% of Americans are currently “dieting”


One third of Americans are obese
Two thirds are overweight

In year 2000, obesity caused 400,000 US deaths – 16% of all preventable deaths and number 2 behind smoking (which caused 435,000 deaths – 18%)

This is due to the FAILURE of the fitness professions.

Despite fat loss, body composition, and physique transformation being the number one fitness goal of most people, this is actually a very new concept. 30 years ago we didn’t really need fat loss programs.

30 years ago the purpose of exercise was to ENHANCE an active lifestyle. But now we have to create programs specifically designed to enhance fat loss.

Exercise science has focused on aerobic training for HEALTH – not fat loss. Actually, the idea of training just to lose fat was an alien concept until the 1980’s.

Fitness guys knew it was time to create fat loss programs. They just didn’t know where to start. The first fat loss programs were designed by copying endurance athletes and hoping that somehow the program of a marathon runner would help a fat lady lose weight even when the program was cut down to 20 minutes 3x a week.


Problem: Fat loss was never the goal of endurance athletes. It was a side effect.

Then fitness guys turned to bodybuilding. Remember “Body For Life”? Another failure. To take the program of a full time, genetically gifted bodybuilder and use it to design a fat loss program for Mrs. Krensky was nonsensical.


But hey, at least they were trying something.

Bodybuilders are some of the most dedicated and driven people on the planet. They also devote ALL of their life to bodybuilding.

Then supplement companies (grandchildren of the traveling snake-oil doctors of the Midwest) jumped on the bandwagon and told us their miracle powders could give us the benefits of drugs without actually using the drugs.


This approach was closer. Fat loss WAS a goal for bodybuilders. But the low levels of bodyfat they achieved was a result of their increased muscle mass and metabolism.

Here’s the basis of my Unstoppable Fitness Formula: Before we start to program for fat loss, we have to understand exactly HOW it occurs. Then we design a program based on these principles – not on tradition, junk, or outdated beliefs.

girl pushup on gym floor


Now think back on all of the exercise programs you’ve seen or tried.  Were they just bastardized, watered-down versions of bodybuilder routines mixed with endurance routines?

I’ll bet they were.

If you’re serious about speeding up your metabolism, losing weight, and looking so good that you’re confident in your appearance everywhere you go, a lame edurance program or scaled-down bodybulding routine won’t do it for you.

You need something designed SPECIFICALLY for your goals.

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