Bookshelf Blueprints, Subtitles, And Fat Loss

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This weekend I put together a new bookshelf to help hold my growing collection of pulp-fiction mystery novels.

dress her in indigo john macdonald travis mcgee

Of course, I managed to put in two shelves upside down and put a hammer through the back.  (I had a mechanical bypass at 3 and haven’t been able to use tools ever since :))

It got all messed up because I didn’t bother reading the directions.  After all, I figured I knew how to put together a bookshelf better than the people who make bookshelves for a living.

ruined book shelf

Lesson learned.  I’ll read the instructions next time.

That wrecked bookshelf reminded me of a conversation yesterday.

She literally said, “I’m following my meal plan exactly, but instead of the veggie/egg omelete I had a muffin and a coffee for breakfast.”

muffin and latte

I hesitated to ask what kind of coffee she had.

“A Christmas gingerbread latte with skinny milk.”

That’s not quite the same.

Did you know that what people say comes with subtitles that only personal trainers can read?  It’s true.


Just today someone said, “It’s too hard – I want an EASIER diet.”

And the personal trainer subtitles read: “I’d rather eat garbage than look or feel any better.  I’m making a conscious decision to go ahead and get fatter because I love food more than I love myself.”

It’s simple: Follow a proven plan and actually FOLLOW it.

If you’re not following a plan, don’t be surprised when your bookshelf turns out to be messed up.


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