How To Gain 15 Pounds In 2010

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One of the first things you need to do if you want to lose weight is quit drinking anything with calories in it.

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This is one of the 7 Fundamental Rules Of Nutrition that make up the best fat loss and fitness programs.  (Here’s all 7: Carson City Nutrition)

Calories add up quick with any kind of a drink, and liquid doesn’t set off the “fullness alert” in your brain.

Quick Example:

I was talking to a lady on Saturday afternoon.  She told me she has a tall cafe latte with 2% milk from Starbucks every morning (and sometimes one in the afternoon too).


Now for some quick and easy math – a tall latte with 2% milk has 150 Calories.  365 of these come out to 54,750 Calories over the course of a year.

Luke Wold Drinking Tall Americano

And you know what, a pound of fat has 3500 Calories.  Some quick division (54750/3500) shows us that a daily latte with 2% milk comes out to the same calories as 15.64 pounds of fat.  (And those lattes would cost you$949, not counting taxes and tips)


I’m NOT telling you to cut out coffee.  No way!  But if you switched from a latte with 2% milk to an Americano, you’d save yourself 54,750 Calories a year – without having to exercise!  (To jog off that many calories you’d have to cover over 684 miles)

Here’s another example: a cup of orange juice has 121 Calories.  Every breakfast in a commercial has a glass of orange juice next to it.

complete breakfast with glass of orange juice

A cup of orange juice every day comes out to 44,165 Calories over a year.  This is the same calories found in 12.62 pounds of fat.

Now, what about the title of this post?  How To Gain 15 Pounds In 2010. Simple – if you drink just a few extra calories every morning, you can easily put on 15 pounds in this coming year.

OR you can switch to coffee, water, and green tea and start losing weight without breaking a sweat.

The choice is up to you.


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