Carson City Boot Camp Testimonial – Pontus

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We’ve had a really cool visitor at Wold Fitness Bootcamp this week.  Pontus Eriksson is flying out to Sweden in a few days, but in his first week of bootcamp, he lost 5 pounds!  Check out what he just posted to his facebook page:

“If you live in Carson city or work there this is a hot tip for you:

Carson City boot camp. The guy Lucas that is the drill sergeant on this boot camp is really good. He cheers you up without being irritating and on speed that others can be. This will give you a variety of exercises that is hard to get if you go to regular classes like spinning bodypump etc. He even has good stories to tell to keep your mind of that you are about to die.

Check him out and go try. i am super happy that i did!”

If you want to kick butt like Pontus, send me an email at LDWold(at) and I’ll hook you up with a free week of bootcamp!

2 Responses to “Carson City Boot Camp Testimonial – Pontus”

  1. John Says:

    Your stories are often the best part of bootcamp.

  2. Luke Wold Says:

    Someday I’m going to act like a regular trainer and not say anything but the next exercise and when to get water.