Celebrity Workout Secrets!

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I like my celebrities to be in good shape.  I mean, if I wanted to see schlumpy people, I could just head to Walmart.

But when I’m watching a movie, I want everyone to look great.

Now, not everyone here is in the movies, but it’s fun to see what celebs are doing to keep in shape.

Taylor Lautner

Taylor hit the gym five times a week and ate every two hours.  (Eating often is one of the Wold Fitness Nutrition Guidelines)

Here’s what he said: “The actual getting into the gym and working out process was easier, but the eating was harder. Because I had to eat every two hours.”

It’s true.  Eating is the biggest piece of the body transformation puzzle.  Even if you work out five hours a week, that leaves you 163 hours a week to mess it up.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina works out with the awesome Gunnar Peterson.

He says that the exercise he uses to tone her butt is the…. lunge!

There are sooo many ways to lunge, and they all work your butt in different ways, so mix it up!

Lance Armstrong

Lance never goes after anything halfway.  That’s cool.

He uses kettlebells as a cross-training tool to keep his body changing and getting stronger without adding any unnecessary pounds that would detract from his cycling.

The take-home from Lance: Work harder than anyone else.

Heidi Klum

After Heidi had her baby, she made sure to get plenty of protein and worked out for 90 minutes a day.

She tones her stomach with variations of the V-up, which works both the upper and lower abs.

Her trainer says she tones her glutes with deep sumo squats.  One of my favorites!

Lindsay Price

Lindsay uses two really cool moves as staples in her workouts.

The first is a step-up with shoulder press.  One foot on a box (or bench), dumbbells at your shoulders.  Stand up until your leg is straight and press the ‘bells overhead.  This works your thighs, core, butt, shoulders, and arms.

The second is what I call a Pike Plank (her trainer calls it a “caterpillar”).  Get in regular plank position.  From there, push your hips up as high in the air as you can and flex your stomach.  Then flatten out into a regular plank.

Matthew Mcconaughey

Matt does tons and tons of bodyweight exercises.

And I read an interview with him where he described all of his athletic activities: climbing, swimming, surfing, frisbee, etc.

Along with good nutrition, the wide variety of exercises Matt does are what gives him such a great body.

Jennifer Garner

After Jennifer had her baby, she dedicated herself to eating small frequent meals (sound familiar?) and working out five times a week.

The super-awesome Valerie Waters trained Jennifer and had her doing lots of lunges and shoulder presses to get that slammin’ bod.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan trained with an old school body-part approach: one day arms, one day legs, one day back, etc.

A MUCH more effective and efficient approach would have been an upper/lower split, but he looks so good I can’t really fault him.

For the scene shown above, I’m betting that he did some sort of carb cycling plan to achieve that “extra lean” look.  I use a plan like this to get models ready for a shoot, powerlifters cut down for weigh-ins, and to get someone ready for a big event like a wedding or reuinion.

Jessica Biel

Jessica keeps in shape with four big things:

  • full range bodyweight movements
  • medicine ball work
  • light dumbbell exercises
  • agility drills

It sounds like a description of my bootcamp!  Jessica and her trainer have the formula down pat.


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