2 Week Challenge: Lose The Belly Bloat

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Even very thin people can have a pooched-out belly.

Here’s the anorexic Lindsay Lohan with a bloated stomach:

Want to get rid of the belly bloat?  (And stop the gut cramps and digestive problems?)

Here’s your Two Week Wold Fitness Challenge:  Cut out all grains and alcohol for 14 days.

Simple, yeah?

See, bloated lower bellys are usually caused by GLUTEN.  Gluten is a very sticky, starchy substance found in grains.  In fact, gluten is Latin for “glue.”  That should tell you how sticky it is.

Well, gluten binds up everything in your belly, causing gas, cramps, and bloating.  (I wrote about reasons why grains suck in this article: Problems With Grains)

Cut out the gluten and you’ll get rid of the swelling in your lower belly.

And alcohol is also closely related to bloating.  Drink 3 beers and you’ll notice a definite bloat going on.

So, for two weeks, here’s the deal:

  • No wheat (not even “whole wheat”!)
  • No crackers, cereal, tortillas, cookies, or any other garbage
  • No booze, beer, or wine

Last time I issued this challenge one of my readers lost THIRTEEN POUNDS in fourteen days, mostly from releasing all the FUNK that alcohol and grains had stored in her body.

Your results might not be as dramatic, but I guarantee that in just two weeks your stomach will be flatter and your jeans will be looser.

Now get after it!

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