6 Week Workout For Fat Loss!

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I call my metabolism based training system “Firestorm Fat Loss” since it rapidly accelerates the rate at which you burn fat both during and AFTER your workout.

You hit the road, and your metabolism hits overdrive.

This six week workout is what you need if you want to lose more fat in less time – 30 minute bootcamp style workouts – than ever before.

Secrets Of This 6 Week Workout

Why Your Metabolism Will Burn Extra Hot

Firestorm Fat Loss programs are designed to maximize fat loss through resistance training. Here are the 3 main principles this workout is based on:

  1. You burn more calories by moving your body through a 3D world. Most programs have you exercising in only one plane of movement – this workout has you going forward and backward, side to side, and up and down.
  2. You burn more calories both during and after your workout by performing exercises bootcamp-circuit style. Studies have shown that a circuit-based workout will raise your metabolism for 38 hours AFTER your workout. That means if you exercise on Monday before breakfast, you’ll still be burning calories after lunch on Tuesday!
  3. You burn more calories both during and after your workouts by training athletically. This means lifting weights, using explosive movements, and performing exercises on unstable surfaces like sliders, swiss balls, and balance boards.

How To Ignite Your Metabolic Furnace

Do each of these total body burning workouts once a week, with your “cardio” workouts either immediately following or on your in-between days.  (Here is a complete fat loss cardio plan I wrote: Interval Training)


  • Monday: Workout A
  • Tuesday: Interval Training
  • Wednesday: Workout B
  • Thursday: Interval Training
  • Friday: Workout C

The workouts in this 6 week bootcamp are planned as a circuit, so you go from one movement to the next without resting. Once you’ve completed one circuit, rest for 90 seconds and go again. 3 circuits for beginners, 6 if you’re more advanced (or determined to lose the most fat in the least time!)

6 Week Progression

This workout will be effective for about 6 weeks.  After that your body will adapt and stop raising your metabolism so high.

Try to lift a bit more weight weight each week you cycle back through the workouts.

The Right Resistance

In this workout, use the heaviest weight you can to complete all of the reps in perfect form.

Warming Up:

Here is the best warmup you can do (pictures and all!): Wold Fitness Functional Warmup

Workout A:

Exercise One: Front Squat and Push Press
Reps: 4-6

Exercise Two: Swiss Ball Reverse Crunch
Reps: 12-15

Exercise 3: Chin Up
Reps: 4-6

Exercise 4: Kettlebell Windmill
Reps: 4-6 (each Side)

Exercise 5: ValSlide Pike OR Swiss Ball Pike
Reps: 12-15

Rest 90 seconds, and repeat circuit 3-6 times.

2 sets of 2 minutes

Workout B

Exercise 1: Power Snatch/Overhead Squat
Reps: 4-6

Exercise 2: Swiss Ball Roll Out OR ValSlide Reach Out
Reps: 12-15

Exercise 3: Kettlebell Tactical Lunge
Reps: 24

Exercise 4: Two Point Dumbbell Row
Reps: 8-10 (each arm)

Exercise 5: Swiss Ball Dumbbell Woodchopper
Reps: 16-20

2 sets of 1 minute

Workout C

Exercise 1: Romanian Deadlift/ Bent Row Combo
Reps: 6-8

Exercise 2: Med Ball Kneeling Shoulder Press
Reps: 8-10

Exercise 3: Mogul Squats
Reps: As Many As Possible in 30 seconds

Exercise 4: Swiss Ball Atomic Pushup OR ValSlide Atomic Pushup
Reps: 10-12

Exercise 5: Medicine Ball Russian Twist
Reps: 20 (10 each side)

BONUS EXERCISE: Extended Hamstring Bridges
2 sets of 90 seconds


If you really want to lose body fat quickly, this program WILL work.  Head to the gym, get your favorite music rocking, and get after it!

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    Personally I think this is a great excerise to become fit for almost no expenses. There’s a lot of trainers recommending people to get all kind of expensive equiment. Great post.