Luke’s Hyper-Veggie Breakfast Scramble

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Lots of people ask me what I do to stay lean.  They don’t believe I eat lots and lots of fat, never do aerobics, and stay away from grains like the plague.

A big part of my success is having a healthy breakfast every day.

And every morning it is almost exactly the same thing.  My alarm goes off at four a.m., and by 4:15 I’m chopping vegetables for the day.

I call this monster the “Hyper-Veggie Scramble.”  Since you never know what your day will bring, I like to “front-load” and try to get as many vegetables as possible in early. (Now remember, I’m 225 pounds.  This is what I eat.  You’ll probably want to cut the portions down some.)

Without further ado, here’s step-by-step photos and directions of how to make your own Hyper-Veggie Scramble!

Luke’s Awesome Breakfast Step One: Take Stock

Here’s what I use: asparagus, bell pepper, green onions, baby spinach, swiss cheese, eggs, and pico de gallo.

Luke’s Awesome Breakfast Step Two: Chop The Pepper

I prefer to use red bell peppers when I cook, because I really like the flavor and they’re full of health benefits.

Here’s a full blog post (including recipes!) about the virtues of the red bell pepper: Fit Body Fuel

Luke’s Awesome Breakfast Step 3: Chop The Asparagus

I usually use six stalks of asparagus with breakfast.  The problem is, I grew up in Eastern Washington and used to be able to get super-fresh veggies that had just been cut.  It makes a big difference in flavor.

First, cut off the fibrous base of the asparagus.  Then chop it into tiny rounds.

Luke’s Awesome Breakfast Step 4: Chop The Onions

I get organic green onions at Raley’s or Whole Foods.  They don’t add a lot of vitamins, but they are full of flavor.

Chop off the scraggly root parts, and the top of the greens.  Then dice it all up!

Luke’s Awesome Breakfast Step 5: Start Cooking!

I put everything in a non-stick pan with high sides over medium-high heat.  It’s very important that you keep everything moving through the whole cooking process, too long in one place and the veggies will burn.

While the peppers, onions, and asparagus are cooking, I measure out four cups of either spinach or mixed spring greens.  If I use greens, I chop them first so they don’t make big lumps in the eggs.

Luke’s Awesome Breakfast Step 6: Add The Spinach

When the peppers are cooked through, toss in the spinach and stir it all up.  I flip everything over so that the spinach hits the hot pan.

It looks like a lot in the picture above, but check out the difference in volume once it cooks down:

Luke’s Awesome Breakfast Step 7: Eggs!

I eat five eggs with breakfast.  As to the eggs, I get local when I can.  Eggs from chickens running around a farm are a lot healthier than eggs for a chicken with no beak that was fed chemicals.  If there are no local eggs to be had, I get omega-3 eggs or at the very least, cage-free eggs.

Luke’s Awesome Breakfast Step 8: Yum, Cheese

The cheese is the only non-paleolithic food in this dish, but it is so delicious I make an exception.

Once the eggs are almost done, I tear up a slice of cheese and stir it in.  (Swiss goes great with the eggs and asparagus!)

Luke’s Awesome Breakfast Step 9: Toppings

Dump everything out on a plate (mine are black, everything looks more slimming in black :) and top with either pico de gallo or garlic salt.

Luke’s Awesome Breakfast Step 10: Eat!

Enjoy!  My little sister laughs that it only takes me 5 minutes to clear my plate, but it’s so delicious I can’t slow down!

Give this recipe a try when you want something quick, healthy, and tasty!

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