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In my nutrition seminars I teach a simple order of importance for the different areas of nutrition.

They are:

  1. WHAT you eat
  2. WHEN you eat
  3. HOW MUCH you eat

So, if you want to change how your body looks and feels, you need to focus on what kind of food you’re eating BEFORE you start counting calories.

(Of course, this is exactly the opposite of where most people start.  That’s why they’re fat.)

There are a bunch of simple one-line nutrition plans that trainers recommend.  And guess what?  They all focus on the first part of the nutrition hierarchy: What you eat.

Without further ado, here they are!

One Line Diet Plan Numero Uno: Meat, Leaves, and Berries

I first learned about the “Meat, Leaves, and Berries” diet from the legendary weightlifter and thrower Dan John.

It’s just like it sounds.  Here is Dan’s own description:

It’s a very simple idea. My wife and I had gone on the Atkins Diet and really saw some fantastic results. What I started to notice almost immediately, was a real improvement in “general” health, especially in my skin, basic nasal congestion issues, that kind of thing.

This is right after I invented the Internet, so I started surfing the web and discovered others who were “Paleo-dieting.” Well, to simplify it, we start calling it “meat and leaves.” Basically, meat is fish, beef, poultry and eggs. Leaves are uncooked vegetables, salad and salad bar items, basically. After a while, we tossed in berries for all the antioxidant help. Then we started considering “in season” fruit, apples in the fall, citrus in the winter, and the whole thing fell into place.

I know that I thrive on eating like this, but I fall off the wagon sometimes and get fat, bloated and red faced. It’s an attractive look on me.

You can check out Dan at:

One Line Diet Plan Numero Dos: The Dental Floss Diet

Basically, everything that’s good for you sticks in your teeth and you have to floss after eating.

(Yes, I know caramel gets stuck in your teeth.  It’s not on this plan.  Sorry)

Ice cream, Big Macs, donuts, white bread, etc are so processed that there is nothing left for your teeth to do.

Broccoli, steak, almonds, and spinach, however, get stuck up in your grill and are great for you.

One Line Diet Plan Numero Tres: Green Faces

I first heard about this one from the one and only Rachel Cosgrove.

On it, you only eat green vegetables and things that have a face.

This is a GREAT plan because it takes all ambivalence out of your eating.  It’s a yes or no answer.

Can I have cheese?  Nope, no face.

Veal? Yep, cute face.

Pie? No face, not even if you cut one in the crust.

Salmon? Yes, weird looking face.

Since Green Faces takes out all of the guess work, you end up eating only things that are good for you.

One Line Diet Plan Numero Quatro: 3 Steps From The Farm

This diet comes from Lou Schuler, the best-selling fitness author.

I don’t like this one quite as much as the others, because it allows things like whole grains, but here’s the gist: Don’t eat anything you can’t trace back to the farm in 3 steps.

Steak? Yes: Farm, Butcher, Store

Cheese? Yes: Dairy, Aging House, Store

Bagel? No: Farm, Dairy, processor, bakery, store

Snickers? Hell no: Too many to list

One Line Diet Plan Numero Cinco: Nothing You Couldn’t Get In The Wilderness With A Sharp Stick

Another one-liner that focuses only on natural foods.

You can get meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and eggs with nothing but a sharp stick.

You can’t get anything that depends on agriculture: grains, beans, dairy, etc.

One Line Diet Plan Numero Seis: Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

This comes from In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan.

Pretty good rules to fit in one line, right?

Eat Food: Only eat unprocessed foods that your body knows what to do with

Not Too Much: Self explanatory

Mostly Plants: Dr. Russel always recommends that at least half of your plate is covered with veggies.  Good idea.

What They Have In Common

All six of these nutritional one-liners focus on making GOOD FOOD CHOICES.

Cut out the crap and replace it with meat, leaves, and berries and your body will finally start changing!

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  3. Sarah Young Says:

    Dieting is extremely hard! why cant i lose the excess pounds? Any one got any ideas for simple excercise workouts?

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    Hi Sarah,

    Here’s a bunch of “anywhere” workouts that you can get started on today:


    ~ Luke