5 Confidential Core Exercises

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Everyone knows core exercises like the basic crunch and sit-up.

The problem is that you have to do hundreds of thousands of crunches to see any results, and there are lots of things I would rather spend my time doing than 300,000 crunches.

Besides not being very effective, crunches have another big problem….


So, what to do?

Exercises like planks and swiss ball rollouts are a great place to start.  They are more advanced than the exercises that 95% of people at your gym are doing.

But when you’re ready to try something FUN that WORKS, take a look at these 5 CONFIDENTIAL Ab Exercises that no one in your gym has ever seen….

Confidential Core Exercise #1: Side Thrust Planks

There are 3 levels to the side thrust plank, each harder than the last!

Confidential Core Exercise #2: Turtle Rolls

This exercise looks simple, but works like gangbusters if you don’t cheat yourself by shoving with your shoulder or thigh…

Confidential Core Exercise #3: Swiss Ball Box Step Offs

With your hands on the unstable surface of the swiss ball, your core has to work EXTRA hard to keep you stable while you move your legs.

Confidential Core Exercise #4: Shin Box Flags

Pushing your hips through to a straight line with your knees and shoulders is  the key to this exercise:

Here is a video of full-on flags, if you want to step it up a notch:

Confidential Core Exercise #5: Wall Walkups

The trick here is to keep everything in your core TIGHT and you slide up the wall, and then to not let anything sag as you walk back out. Because your arms are moving and extended, this is like a super-advanced plank:

Use these moves in your workouts and you’ll FINALLY see results from your ab training!

Also, let’s keep these confidential ;)

~ Luke

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