Can’t Be At Bootcamp? No Problem – Introducing The Mobile Unit Workouts!

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It sucks when you have to travel for work and are going to miss a few bootcamp workouts.

And it’s even worse when you don’t have any fitness facilities at your hotel, and you’re going to be stuck exercising in either your room or out in a park.

No dumbbells.  No medicine balls.  No spin bikes.


But now, if you want to keep getting fit on the road, you’ll be able to check out for a whole series of workouts you can do anywhere!

Just click on the Mobile Workouts button on the right-hand side of the page:

How To Get A Great Workout In Your Hotel Room:

Start off with a Functional Movement Warmup.  When you’re traveling, it is EXTREMELY important to keep up with these simple exercises.

Long hours in a car or plane will screw up your posture and get you out of alignment, making it hard to feel good and get in your workouts.

Here is a follow along manual: Functional Movement Warm Up

Once you’re warm and loose, pick your workout:

You can also do more than one workout in a row.  For example:

  • 3 Rounds Foucault’s Pendulum
  • 15 minutes Matrix Combo One

Don’t do the same workout 2 days in a row.  Either pick a new workout on Day 2 or (if your hotel has a cardio gym) do a fat loss interval training workout from this page: Interval Training For Extreme Fat Loss

Finish every one of your hotel room workouts with at least 5 minutes of stretching for anything that still feels “tight.”

Have Fun!

~ Luke

PS – If you need a printable manual to take with you, my friend Craig wrote this Four Week Bodyweight Workout Guide that has complete workouts PLUS pictures and descriptions of each exercise.

You can download it here:

4 week bodyweight workout

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