Sodium Nitrites: NOT A Good Idea

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This month a lot of my clients are following the “Green Faces” weight loss/detox diet.

Here are the 3 rules:

  1. If it’s a green vegetable, eat it.
  2. If it had a face, or would have grown up to have a face, eat it.
  3. Don’t eat anything else.

(Here are some other: simple diet ideas)

When I presented this plan, I told everyone that UNCURED bacon and sausage were ok.

Why uncured?  Well, as in anything, the more primal you go, the better your health and body are going to be.  But what is added during curing that is so bad?

Sodium… wait for it…. Nitrite.

Sodium nitrite is a food preservative and coloring additive.  (It is also used in dyeing and bleaching fabrics, developing photos, and as a rust inhibitor.  Yum Yum!)

All the deliciously salty foods eaten from lunch counters across the country have sodium nitrite: cold cuts, bacon, sausage, ham, packaged smoked meats, pepperoni, and pates.

When it’s not used for dyeing fabrics, Sodium Nitrite helps keep meat looking “fresh.”  It keeps the color and scent of the cured meat from being funky.

The USDA limit on nitrites in food is 200 parts per million.  A fatal dose would be 22 milligrams per kilogram of body weight.  Even if not fatal, eating a lot of sodium nitrites will affect your blood’s ability to transport oxygen.  (Scroll down this page and look under the “Toxicity” heading: Nitrite In Meat)

And if you HEAT cured meat (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t, raw bacon is gross), the nitrites turn into nitrosamines.  Nitrosamines are linked to all sorts of different kinds of cancer, as well as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  (Cured meat leads to higher pulmonary disease risk)

Here’s the deal: nitrites are bad.  Get nitrite-free bacon and enjoy.

Side note: Bacon is high in fat (which isn’t a bad thing), but fat is where a lot of toxins get stored.  (In your body too!)  So go ahead and get ORGANIC, NITRITE-FREE bacon and you won’t have any worries.

Here in Carson City, I get my organic nitrite free bacon at Trader Joes, and a few of my bootcampers have found it at Raleys.

~ Luke

Here’s a video someone made after Michelle Obama said that her primary source of protein is bacon:

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