Raise Your Metabolism WITHOUT Diet Or Exercise

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A high metabolism is cool.

You have more energy and lose lots of fat.

Plus, everyone will be really jealous of you :)

Today I want to share some cool strategies to raise you metabolism WITHOUT changing what you eat or exercising.

Sound crazy?  Good.  I like crazy people.

When it comes to making changes, it’s always easier to ADD something in than to TAKE something out.

For instance, it’s easier to add in two interval training workouts a week than it is to cut out your favorite food.

The first way to raise your metabolism is to EAT MORE OFTEN.

Studies have shown that eating six times a day will make you lose more fat than eating twice a day – even if you eat the same calories!

Another study showed you will lose more total and abdominal fat eating 6 times a day instead of only 3.

So instead of a big lunch and a big dinner, break your meals down and have a smaller breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus 3 healthy snacks.  (Need snack ideas?  Check this out: 19 Primal Snacks)

So, eat more often.

The second way to raise your metabolism without diet or exercise is to EAT BY THE CLOCK.

Your body will burn more calories on a consistent schedule than it will when you eat randomly – even if you’re eating smaller meals.

To really get the benefit, eat about ever 2-3 hours, and stick with it.

A study showed that when you eat frequently and then BREAK that pattern, you will start gaining fat.  Look at the clock, don’t listen to your stomach.

So, eat smaller meals and eat them on schedule.

The third way to raise your metabolism without diet and exercise is to EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST.

People have commented on the huge veggie and egg scrambles I make for breakfast (Luke’s Hyper Veggie Scramble)

A study comparing 3 groups’ breakfast plans (no breakfast, occasional breakfast, and breakfast daily) showed that eating breakfast daily will lower your body fat levels.

Not eating breakfast makes you FOUR TIMES as likely to become obese!

Another study compared two groups: one ate a 300 Calorie breakfast daily and the other ate a 600 Calorie breakfast daily.  (Daily calories remained the same – the only difference was that the 2nd group had more of their calories at breakfast than spread out over the day)

After 8 months the 300 Calorie breakfast club had lost an average of 10 pounds.  Not bad for no exercise and not really being on a diet!

But here’s the kicker: the 600 Calorie breakfast club lost an average of 39 POUNDS!!! That’s almost four times as much weight gone, just from eating a good breakfast.

What’s the plan so far?

  • Eat more often
  • Eat by the clock
  • Eat a big breakfast

There’s nothing too hard here, is there?  Hell, I’m telling you to EAT, not to cut out calories or grab a kettlebell.

(If I was giving a seminar, this is the point I’d start talking about cutting out carbs, plus increasing proteins and good fats.  But since I promised to not talk about diet or exercise, I won’t even mention it.  But if you really want to have a killer metabolism you’ll want to cut out sugars, grains, alcohols, etc.  Last thing I’ll say about it :))

All right, the next thing to do is DRINK MORE WATER ALL DAY.

A study showed that increasing the amount of water you drink will lower body fat, regardless of diet and exercise.

Lots of people bring in their nutrition journals and they had 2 cups of coffee for breakfast, another in the morning, a diet coke at lunch, nothing in the afternoon, and a glass of wine with dinner.  No wonder they feel like poopy.

Studies have shown metabolic increases after drinking 500ml of water.  The amount of increase varies with the study, but it is between 20 and 30%.

Drinking a half liter of water will raise your metabolism at least 20%?  Do it!  And do it every hour.

Still isn’t too bad, is it?  Eat more often, eat by the clock, eat a big breakfast, and drink lots of water and you’ll raise your metabolism?  Sweet deal!


One study compared a group drinking 16 ounces water before each meal with a group that didn’t drink water before each meal.

The water group lost 44% more weight over the course of the 12 week study!

I thought that maybe the water made people feel fuller so they didn’t eat as much, but the study made both groups eat the same calories.

Why does drinking water before each meal make you lose more weight?

I don’t know.

We can spend a lot of time trying to figure out WHY or we can go ahead and lose some fat.

If you’re keeping score at home, here’s our non-diet, non-exercise metabolism-raising plan so far:

  • Eat more often
  • Eat according to the clock
  • Eat a bigger breakfast
  • Drink lots of water
  • Drink water before every meal

(In a speech right here is where I’d talk about pre- and post-workout nutrition, then the problems with aerobics.  But you’re off the hook for today!)

Now, your next step is to go ahead and TAKE FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS.

Researchers compared 2 groups who ate EXACTLY the same thing, with the exception of 6 grams of fish oil daily.  It was so exact that they took 6 grams of unsaturated fat out of the fish oil group’s food so that the calories were dead-on even in both groups.

After 3 weeks the fish oil group had much great fat oxidation (burning) and had lost 2 pounds of fat.

That’s 2 pounds of fat WITHOUT dieting or exercising!!

Another study showed that adding fish oil to your diet will reduce your body fat INDEPENDENT of exercise.

How much to take?  I usually recommend starting with 1 gram per 15 pounds of bodyweight, and not going below 10 grams per day.

If you haven’t been taking any fish oil lately, start ramping it up by taking one or two with each larger meal.

Fish burps?  No problem.  Two simple fixes: Either freeze the capsules or else get higher quality supplements.

Now, check the box score: Eat more often, eat on a schedule, eat a bigger breakfast, drink more water, drink water before each meal, take a bunch of fish oil.

Nothing so far is too hard, is it?

The last thing we are adding to our metabolism-booster list is EAT ALMONDS.

A study compared 2 groups (sound familiar yet?): group one ate 84 grams of almonds a day and the other got to choose a carb source.  Everything else in their diets was the same.

After 24 weeks, the almond group lost 62% MORE weight, lost 50% MORE off their waists, and lost 56% MORE fat.

Hmm, lighter, smaller, and leaner, just from eating almonds instead of carbs?  Cool.

Here is your action plan to raise your metabolism:

  1. Eat More Often
  2. Eat On A Schedule
  3. Eat A Bigger Breakfast
  4. Drink Lots Of Water
  5. Drink Water Before Every Meal
  6. Take Fish Oil Supplements
  7. Eat Almonds

This may be the easiest plan in the world….

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