8 Ways To Beat Your Hangover On Nevada Day!

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A side effect of eating paleo-style is that you become a very cheap drunk.

Seriously, after 6 weeks of all paleolithic foods, a double vodka soda will have you positively REELING.

Tomorrow is my 3rd Nevada Day in Carson City, and I’m prepared for it.

If you don’t drink, that’s totally cool.  Your body and your health are much better off because of it.

But if you’re planning to cut loose this weekend, here are a few simple tips that will help you beat back a hangover!

Nevada Day Tip #1: Spend Big

According to Australian researchers cheap booze, especially whiskey, will make a hangover much worse.

This is because they have more congeners, which are chemicals produced during fermentation.

Besides, the good stuff just tastes better :)

Nevada Day Tip #2: Eggs For Breakfast

A lot of people swear by McDonald’s when they have a hangover, but it turns out that one of the best hangover busters is an amino acid called cysteine.

Cysteine helps you break down all the toxins that were in the alcohol.

Didn’t know booze had toxins?  Why do you think they call it “intoxicated”?

Nevada Day Tip #3: Bubbles Are Trouble

Fizzy drinks get the alcohol into your system faster, making it more likely that you’ll drink more than you meant to.

Probably the best mixer for avoiding a hangover is water, but fruit juice works as well.

Mixer bonus: You’ll take bigger drinks if your drink has ice in it (counterintuitive, but true.  The cold tells your stomach you want more)

Nevada Day Tip#4: Glisten

A light workout – like a bike ride or easy walk – will help you clear out the toxins faster than staying in bed with the blankets over your head.

I’d stay away from anything bouncy or with up-and-down motion though: it will make you nauseous if you’re still hungover.

Nevada Day Tip#5: Grab A Goat

A glass of goat’s milk before bed will help keep you hydrated without waking you up to pee as often.

Amino acids in goat’s milk will also help you fall asleep – which is very important if you were slamming vodka and red bull all night.

Nevada Day Tip #6: Search For Tall And Slender

You’ll put less alcohol in a tall, skinny glass than you will in a short, wide one – even if they can hold the same amount of liquid.

Bonus tip: If you eat off of smaller plates you won’t eat as much

Nevada Day Tip #7: Sugar Slam

Stay away from sweet treats the morning after.

The sugar rush will just slam you back even lower than before, so you’ll have the double-whammy of a hangover AND a sugar crash.

Instead, eat some fruits and veggies to help replace some of the nutrients you flushed out the night before.

Nevada Day Tip#8: Super Soup

I’m not a soup fan, myself.

But a big bowl of veggie soup will help you  3 ways:

  • You’ll load up on nutrients
  • You’ll fill up your stomach
  • It will coat your stomach so the alcohol won’t kick you as hard

That’s it!

Have fun and play safe this Nevada Day!

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