Chiropractic And Sport

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Special Guest Article by Carson City Chiropractor Dr. Brian Russell

It is no secret that Chiropractic adjustments help not only athletes in pain, but also those who are seeking to improve their performance.

Speed, agility, and flexibility are key components that can make the difference between breaking a world record by 1/10 of a second or coming in last place. Nerves fire our muscles and it is our muscles that move our bodies to action. If the signals that fire our muscles are incomplete or are signals transmitting messages of pain instead of contraction, you can bet that the contraction of that muscle will also be incomplete or possibly inhibited.

So how do we make sure that these signal pathways are clear? Get adjusted. When a joint is adjusted properly there is a neurological resetting of the nervous system. Most often this is noticed by greater flexibility, lessening or disappearance of pain, also a feeling of being lighter and looser. These are sure signs that the bombardment of the firing of the sympathetic nervous system has eased and that the muscle is now ready to receive a complete or uninhibited message of contraction.

Check out a couple of these studies showing that Chiropractic adjustments help to improve athletic performance, especially with increases in quadriceps strength as well as their vertical jump.

Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C.,Jason Kolber,Mitzi Schwartzbauer, D.C.,John Hart, D.C.,John
Zhang, M.D.,Ph.D, Athletic Performance and Physiological Measures in Baseball Players
Following Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care: A pilot study
, Journal of Vertebral Subluxation
Research, Vol. 1, NO. 4 1997

This first study evaluated male university baseball players. They were divided into a control group and a Chiropractic group. The participants were evaluated on vertical jump, broad jump specified, standing broad jump, and muscle strength. The participants were tested prior to receiving treatment, at 5 weeks and at 14 weeks. The Chiropractic group showed a distinct improvement in muscle strength, long jump distance, and vertical jump distance.

Bernd Hillermann, MChiro, Adrian Neil Gomes, MChiro, MMedSc, Charmaine Korporaal,
MChiro, Dennis Jackson, BS, A Pilot Study Comparing The Effects Of Spinal Manipulation
Therapy With Those Of Extra-Spinal Manipulative Therapy On Quadriceps Muscle Strength
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics., February 2006 (Vol. 29, Issue 2)

This second study evaluated the effects on quadriceps strength with and without Chiropractic adjustments. Those who received Chiropractic adjustments saw a 10% increase in quadriceps muscle strength.

Whatever your situation may be, getting adjusted regularly will help you improve your game and increase your ability to dominate your competition.

About the Author:

Dr. Russell is from the island of Kauai and would like to extend his Aloha to all of his patients. He is a graduate of BYU-Hawaii and received his Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic. As an intern in the Sports Injury and Rehabilitation department at Palmer College he received extensive training in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions/complaints. He is also trained in the treatment of herniated and degenerated discs having received specific instruction in the application of spinal decompression to treat chronic low back pain and sciatica during his graduate studies.

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