Fish Oil Is Awesomeness In Capsule Form

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Even if you do nothing else, fish oil will help you lose fat.

Taking fish/krill oil capsules is one of my seven strategies to raise your metabolism without diet or exercise.  (You can get all 7 right here: Metabolism Boosters)

Why does it work so well?

Lots of reasons – most having to do with balancing out your body so it can work at its best.

But here are four reasons that omega-3s specifically help you lose body fat:

• DHA has been shown to prevent the conversion of pre-adipocytes to adipocytes and mediate pre-adipocyte death (basically, they beat down fat cells before they become permanent)

• Fish oil has the ability to increase the clearance of chylomicrons and fats following a meal. This has a positive effect on substrate utilization. (You use fat instead of storing it)

• Fish oil can “artificially” decrease heart rate thus increasing the level of exertion needed to reach desired intensity. (your exercise sessions will do more for you!)

• Fish oil upregulates mitochondrial machinery and increases oxidation of fats within fat cells. (You just plain burn more fat!)

One of my friends says there is a bad side to omega-3s, though.  If you want, check out his article here: What’s Wrong With Omega-3s?

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