Halloween Fitness Reading

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A Carson City Personal Training post by Luke Wold

Instead of watching a scary movie and being tempted by the big bowl of treats tonight, check out the last week’s worth of posts from Wold Fitness!

This post has two three studies showing how you can not only get your workout done faster, you can apply a few simple tweaks to multiply the effectiveness of everything you do:

Inside Luke’s Head: Hacking Your Workout For Faster Results

The ValSlide is one of my favorite fitness tools.  It looks too innocent to be so diabolical!  In this post I have videos of 15 ValSlide exercises that I recommend for wrestlers, MMA fighters, and other grapplers.  But even if you have no desire to step onto the mat, these exercises will help you get the lean, toned bod that the best fighters have:

15 ValSlide Exercises For Serious Grapplers

One of the biggest goals for most of my female clients is THINNER THIGHS!  In this special guest post, Women’s Health author Craig Ballantyne shares his top secrets for losing inches:

7 Tips For Thinner Thighs

As most of you know, I was messed up in a car wreck almost 2 years ago, and I missed 12 months of working out.  Just standing up was so painful I wanted to cry.  The dude who fixed me is Dr. Brian Russell.  In this post Dr. Russell shares two studies showing how you can improve your health and fitness with NO additional exercise!:

Chiropractic And Sport

Even though I know no one on a weight loss program would ever think of drinking to excess, you might have some friends or family members who want to celebrate with a big blowout.  Here are some strategies that will help them avoid and cure a hangover:

8 Ways To Beat Your Hangover On Nevada Day

Sometimes we haven’t been following a nutrition plan very closely and then SURPRISE, a big event comes up that makes us wish we had been!  Here are a few strategies to use to look your best when you only have a few days to prepare (but next time, build up to it!):

5 Tricks To Look A Treat On Halloween!

I’m always down to try a new recipe using paleolithic ingredients.  One of my recent experiments was so delicious that I had to share it with everyone:

Bootcamp Fuel: Paleo Peach And Pecan Scramble

Sadly, this offer is over.  But if you want to save on your bootcamp membership, there is an everyday discount if you sign up for a year in advance.  Email me if you’re interested.

Luke’s 28th Birthday Boot Camp Celebration!

It’s still weird to me that an exercise freak like myself has started studying organic farming.  There’s a good reason though, and it’s this: You Will Never Be Healthier Than The Food You Eat.  You think you’re being good by eating chicken and veggies and then it turns out the chicken is full of hormones and the veggies are full of pesticides and they’re poisoning you.  It’s sad.  Check this post out:

You Are What Your Food Eats

That’s it for this week!

See you on the other side..

~ Luke Wold

PS – I mostly write about whatever I’ve been thinking about lately, but I’d LOVE to get you the information you want and need to reach your health and fitness goals.  Leave me a comment with any ideas or questions and I’ll dig into my files and find the answer for you :)

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