Return Of The Creepy Personal Trainer!

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The Gym where I worked out while I was in college had this one personal trainer who just blasted the room with his creepy vibe.

I wish I was making his outfit up, because he wore the high tops with the air pump in the tongue, TIGHT bicycle shorts, spaghetti strap tank top, weightlifting belt (all the time!), and fingerless workout gloves.  Eeeew.

He only accepted women as his clients and tried to put the personal in personal trainer.

Of course, he needed to be tossed out of the gym, but since the trainers at this place paid rent, they weren’t employees and could basically do whatever they wanted.

This joker would massage butts in between sets of leg curls – “to increase blood flow to the area”

He was glued to the window into the aerobics studio whenever there was a yoga class.

If there were no women in the gym, he wouldn’t work out.  But when there were, he’d scream and yell as he screwed around on the weight machines.

And since he was so oblivious to his creep-itude, my training partners and I could openly copy and exaggerate his actions.  It got to where it was so bad that you were careful using the water fountain because a doppelganger creepy trainer dude would sneak up and grab your butt and say, “Yeah, you’re really firming up!”

I always hesitate to tell about this guy because it makes personal trainers look bad, where 99% of them genuinely want to help people get in shape.

But if you’ve spent any time in a gym, you’ve seen a creepy trainer dude.  Sometimes they aren’t even really trainers, just guys with nothing better to do than hang out in the fitness center and be sketchy.

Gotta admit though, they do provide some entertainment.

And the other day we were bored at the gym and shot a few videos of a mysterious sketchy personal trainer…

Ok, that guy needs some professional help.

And that was just unnecessary


That one is probably going to get me in trouble.

Here’s an actual text (slightly edited), about guys at the gym and losing weight:

Long story short – if you thought those videos were funny, awesome.  If they reminded you of the guys at your regular gym, quit going there and come hang out with some cool people  :)

~ Luke

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