Some Quick Notes On Poo

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31% of Americans haven’t gone poop in the last 3 days.

I think I’d explode.

When things aren’t moving correctly, you have all sorts of problems, including:

  • bad breath
  • skin rashes
  • foggy thinking
  • poor energy or fatigue
  • headaches
  • excessive farting or burping
  • paunch belly (“bloated gut”)
  • joint problems
  • fungal infections

This picture is from the awesome book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! by Paul Chek:

Paul has names for all of these suspects (from left to right): Sinker and Stinker, The Swimmer, Bodybuilder, Pellet Man, Diarrhea, The Flasher, and our hero – The Poopie Police Man.

If you’ve seen any of the villains in your toilet bowl, here are some tips to have the good ol’ Poopie Police Man make an appearance…

Sinker and Stinkers come from eating too many processed foods, medications, and poisons in your environment.  To get rid of them, start eating natural foods, fix your health so you don’t need to take meds, and stop doing poisonous things like heating up foods in plastic and using non-stick pans.

Swimmers come from too much undigested fat.  Some fats that are very hard to digest are animal fats from corn-fed animals, dairy fats, and chemically manufactured fats.  Replace these with grass-fed and wild meats, coconut oil, fish oil, and nuts.

The Bodybuilder comes from too much processed protein.  (I blew some blood vessels wrestling with these bodybuilders back in my powerlifting days!)  Cut out the protein shakes, energy bars, and processed meats (McDonalds) and switch to natural protein sources – like delicious yak meat.

Pellet Man comes from dehydration and stalled peristalsis (the wave motion of your intestinal track).  Anecdotally, this plagues people who eat a lot of soy.  (Soy is bad)  Make sure you are drinking TONS of clear fluids like water and green tea, and double down on drinking mint tea – it is a natural cure that helps your intestines maintain peristalsis.

Diarrhea. This is your body trying to get rid of something.  You might note diarrhea the first week or so on a natural food diet – totally normal.  Your body is just reacting to the new environment and giving you a “clean slate” to start with.

The Flasher is showing you what he’s got – bits of undigested food.  Food intolerance and inflammation both lead to chunks of food in your poo.  Our bodies can’t handle corn, and you definitely get flashed after you eat it.  (Sometimes almonds and walnuts flash you, to fix that, just chew better)

So if you start fixing what you eat, you can start fixing what you leave.

And a really cool side benefit is that it will be much easier to clean up after!

Bottom line (bottom, get it!?!): Your poo is an indicator of what’s going on in your body, fix your food to improve your health and looks, and you’ll see it immediately in your poo.

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    Loved it, thanks.

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