30 Reasons Why Most People Fail With Weight Loss

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Hey there… it’s Luke.

It’s pretty sad but most people who try to lose weight fail (or else they lose a little then totally stall out)

Here are some of the biggest reasons why…

1. Waiting for everything to be “just right” before they start.  Things are never going to be “just right.”  Make the decision and get after it!

2. Don’t have clear and defined written goals.  Just saying you want to lose weight isn’t enough.  Be specific.  Example: I am going to fit into a size 6 by March 1st.

3. They fall into the “More Is Better” mindset and spend hours a day in the gym.  Just get in, get it done, and get out.

4. Not improving health.  The better your body is working, the better results you’ll get from your diet and exercise program.

5. Too much focus on trying to impress other people in the gym and too little focus on doing what you need for results.  Doing planks and lunges might not be as sexy as hanging out on a padded chrome machine by the water fountain, but they will get you results!

6. Not having fun during workouts.

7. Not bringing any energy to their workouts

8. Trying to out-train a crappy diet.  (Beast in the gym, wimp in the kitchen)

9. Not cutting out fake healthy foods.  Lean Cuisines, energy bars, whole grain bread, soy shakes, and the like will all keep your middle soft.

10. Skipping workouts.

11. Thinking about food as a calories in, calories out model.  100 Calories of cake is much worse for you than 100 Calories of broccoli.

12. Over-educating and under-doing.  I know a guy with more than 300 cookbooks who still eats out 3 times a day.

13. Doing the same things that other people do

14. Having a crappy lifestyle.  Get some sleep, get some fresh air, get rid of stress.

15. They hang out with negative people.

16. They don’t get expert advice.

17. Workout and diet A.D.D. – always doing something different, never giving anything a chance to work.

18. Not getting enough recovery.  SLEEP.  Massages.  Chiropractic.  Time with friends.

19. Having unrealistic expectations.  If it took you 20 years to put on, it’s not going away next week.  (I can get fat off your frame crazy fast though, just not overnight!)

20. Focusing on calories burned instead of raising metabolism.  (More about metabolism here: Components Of Metabolism)

21. Working out alone instead of with an awesome partner or a group.

22. Joining a cheap gym filled with losers who aren’t there to accomplish anything.  Go someplace that gets it DONE

23. Trying to change too much, too fast and totally burning out.

24. Not changing enough things and never making progress.

25. Not following any eating plan.  A properly designed meal plan will make you lose fat so fast you’ll wonder why you ever thought it would be hard

26. Not making fitness, health, and fat loss a priority.  One hour a day for YOU and your health.  Every other aspect of your life will get better with just 60 minutes a day of positive action.

27. Whining.  Don’t have a pity party; hardly anyone comes and no one brings presents.  Whatever body you have is a result of your choices and actions.  That means YOU can change it – and whining about anything you CAN change is very not cool.

28. Thinking that magic pills, ugly shoes, or expensive bracelets will miraculously cause you to lose weight.

29. Not investing in yourself.  Get some gym clothes you actually want to wear.  Go to a seminar.  Get yourself good food.

30. Quitting at their first weight loss plateau.  Pauses happen, give your body a chance to catch up to what your mind is doing.

I could go on and on, but this was just a short list that popped up in my mind

One –  Which of these mistakes are you making?

Two –  What are some mistakes I failed to mention?

Leave a comment letting me know…

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  1. Angela Says:

    You give great tips and advice. They are very helpful at putting unanswered questions at ease too! Thanks. :)