7 Kettlebell Exercises For Carson City MMA

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When I was first introduced to the kettlebell, it was in the winter of 2002/2003.  Kettlebells hadn’t yet entered mainstream fitness and a guy at my gym had picked one up at an expo somewhere.

We pieced together the Turkish Get Up through experimentation.

Now, the TGU seems like a simple exercise… Just go from laying down to standing with your arm straight.

Simple?  Maybe.

Easy? Definitely not.

At the time I was bench pressing 400 pounds and deadlifting over 700.  The kettlebell only weighed 35.

Of course, I was shaking like a leaf and the ten or so ugly reps I managed left me so throughout my torso for an entire week.

Since then, kettlebells have really picked up steam as a fat loss tool.  But they are a phenomenal way to train for mixed martial arts fighters in Carson City as well.

You see, kettlebells strengthen your core like crazy – and an MMA fighter with a weak core isn’t going to win any bouts.

Kettlebells also train you to use your body as a unit, the type of integrated training you won’t get from any machine training.

Grip strength is also built in almost every kettlebell exercise.  This leads to not only greater grappling power, but stronger wrists, hands, and forearms to deliver devastating strikes to your opponent.

And don’t forget neck strength.  Swinging, flipping, jerking, and snatching the kettlebell develops your neck at all angles, making you harder to control in grappling and tougher to knock out with a strike.

If you’re training to step into the ring and you want to WIN, add these Carson City kettlebell exercises into your program.

Carson City Kettlebell MMA Exercise 1: Fighter Swing

This kettlebell swing variation trains all the posterior muscles used in punching.  When you do this, your nervous system will allow to to strike much harder.

In addition, the Fighter Swing teaches perfect shoulder stability for striking – no extended, loose shoulder punches like you would see in a bar fight.  Just deadly surgical strikes with your full power behind them

Carson City Kettlebell MMA Exercise 2: Renegade Row

The renegade row is not only a good back and arm exercise, stabilizing your core as you move the heavy kettlebells up and down will give you unparalleled ab strength.

Carson City Kettlebell MMA Exercise 3: Get Up

The Get Up trains stability and tension through your whole body, essential for all MMA techniques.

You will also get more efficient at returning to your feet after a scramble or knock down.

Carson City Kettlebell MMA Exercise 4: Rocking Chair

The rocking chair build on the figure 4 position used in many different submissions.  It also trains you ability to stand up without using your hands, leaving you free to shoot, strike, or guard your face.

Adding in a press gives you even more core training, with the bonus of shoulder and arm strength:

Carson City Kettlebell MMA Exercise 5: Snatch To Windmill

Snatching is a full body explosive move that trains power like no other.  Adding in the windmill for core stability makes this one of my favorite kettlebell combinations.

Carson City Kettlebell MMA Exercise 6: Side Hop Swings

Lateral movement is under-trained by many aspiring MMA fighters.  Side hop swings are a great supplemental exercise that help you build your ability to move sideways for dodges and attacks.

It is also a great conditioning circuit add-in.

Carson City Kettlebell MMA Exercise 7: Bootstrapper Squat

The bootstrapper squat trains full range of motion squatting that rally works your hamstrings, hips, and ankle mobility.  Areas a fighter has to take care of.

For a bonus to your grip and arms, try it “gun grip” style:

There you have it!  7 excellent kettlebell exercises for Carson City MMA fighters.

Now remember: Use excellent technique, but keep in mind that you are a fighter who uses kettlebells to improve your strength, skills, and endurance in the ring.  Don’t spend all of your time becoming a kettlebell expert.  They are an invaluable tool, but JUST that.  You still need to be spending 80% of your training time working on fighting skills if you want to dominate your opponents.

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