Never Be Gymless Again! 50 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

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A Carson City Gym post by Luke Wold….

Hey there, it’s Luke – hope you’re doing awesome, and I gotta tell you: I’m excited about today’s post for you.

You know there are just some days when you can’t make it to the gym: kids get sick, family in town, big project due, traveling, whatever.

And it sucks because the gym has all the cool toys: kettlebells, ValSlides, suspension trainers, swiss balls… the fun stuff!

Annnnnd, summer is coming up.  You don’t want to miss a workout right before beach season

So I want to share FIFTY sweet exercises that will give you a killer workout using only your own body!  You can do ‘em anywhere.

Have fun….

    1. Toe Grab Squats

Areas worked: thighs, ankle flexibility

    1. T-Pushup

Areas worked: Arms, Chest, Shoulders, Core

    1. Reaching Hockey Squat

Areas Worked: Thighs, Balance

    1. Hip Circles

Areas worked: butt, hips

    1. Cobra

Areas Worked: Back, Low Back, Shoulders, Butt, Hamstrings

    1. Short Arc Leg Lifts

Areas Worked: Stomach, Front Of Thighs

    1. Quad Stance Push Up

Areas Worked: Front Of Thighs, Arms, Shoulders

    1. Grasshopper Pushup

Areas Worked: Sides, Arms, Chest, Flexibility

    1. Butt Lift

Areas Worked: Butt, Stomach

Advanced Variation: Use one leg

    1. Pike Plank

Areas Worked: Stomach

    1. Jackal Pushup

Areas Worked: Stomach, Back Of Arms

    1. Kick Through

Areas Worked: Stomach, Arms, Coordination

    1. Bird Dog

Areas Worked: Low Back, butt

    1. Hindu Pushup

Areas Worked: Arms, Flexibility

    1. Warrior Sit Up

Areas Worked: Stomach

    1. Tiger Pushup

Areas Worked: Back Of Arms, Stomach

    1. Butt Lift Leg Swing

Areas Worked: Butt, Stomach, Leg Flexibility

    1. Chest Tap Push Up

Areas Worked: Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Core, Explosiveness

    1. Plank Walk Up

Areas Worked: Balance, Back Of Arms, Core

    1. Wide Toe Grab Squat

Areas Worked: Thighs, Groin, Ankle Flexibility

    1. Moving Side Planks

Areas Worked: Sides

    1. Squat

Areas Worked: Thighs

    1. Long Jump

Areas Worked: Thighs, Explosiveness

    1. Side Feet Lift

Areas Worked: Sides

    1. Gateswing Squat

Areas worked: Thighs, Groin

Level 1:

Level 2:

    1. Shin Box Switch

Areas Worked: Hips

    1. One Arm Lowering Pushup

Areas Worked: Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Core, Balance

    1. Deck Squat

Areas Worked: Stomach, Legs, Balance

    1. Turtle Rolls

Areas Worked: Core

    1. Thrusting Side Plank

Areas Worked: Sides

Level One:

Level Two:

Level Three:

    1. Pike Pushup

Areas Worked: Shoulders, Back Of Arms

    1. V Up

Areas Worked: Stomach

    1. Pendulum Lunge

Areas Worked: Thighs, Balance

    1. Frogger

Areas Worked: Flexibility, Arms

    1. Ground Spiral Squat

Areas Worked: Legs, Hips, Flexibility

Spiral Squats Explained:

    1. Squat Hold

Areas Worked: Thighs

    1. Shin Box Flag

Areas Worked: Stomach

    1. Willow Quarter Burpee

Areas Worked: Heart and Lungs, Arms, Core, Thighs

    1. Spinal Rock To Pistol Squat

Areas Worked: Core, Thighs, Balance, Coordination

    1. Hop Squat

Areas Worked: Explosiveness, Thighs, Calves

    1. X Plank

Areas Worked: Core, Balance

    1. Spinal Rock To Deck Squat To Burpee With Pushup

Areas Worked: Everything!

    1. Downward Dog Kickover

Areas Worked: Back Of Thighs, Arms, Butt

    1. Bottom Pushup Hold

Areas Worked: Arms, Chest, Core

    1. Cycle Jump

Areas Worked: Balance, Explosiveness, Coordination, Legs

    1. Planker Pushup

Areas Worked: Arms, Stomach

Planker Pushup Explained:

    1. Rocking Chair

Areas Worked: Core, Groin, Hips, Flexibility, Coordination

    1. Pushup Position Stomach Circuit

Areas Worked: Stomach, Sides, Arms

    1. Hip Touch Twist

Areas Worked: Sides, Arms, Shoulders

    1. Threading Plank To Butt Lift Hold

Areas Worked: Core, butt, Coordination, Balance

Whew!  Have fun!

Talk to you soon,

~ Luke

PS – It would be totally awesome if you left me a comment with YOUR favorite bodyweight exercise :)

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