10 Cool Push Up Variations

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Push ups are a classic bootcamp exercise that strengthen and tone your upper body muscles.  But it can get BOOOOORRRRRIIINNNNGGGG doing the same old up-down pushup in your workouts.

By adding variety to your pushup training you will not only keep your bootcamp-style workouts more fun and interesting, you will help prevent injuries by working through different movements and ranges of motion.

Here are 10 Cool Push Up Variations for you to add to your workouts:

1.  Cool Pushup #1: Tiger Push Up

The Tiger Push Up is a combination plank and arm extension, great for your triceps and tummy muscles

2. Cool Pushup #2: Tripod Switch

The tripod switch is a very advanced arm training exercise (I mostly use these with mixed martial arts fighters who need to train explosive position changes)

3. Cool Pushup #3: Dive Bomber Pushup

This will really smoke your shoulder muscles

4. Cool Pushup #4: Reverse Push Up

Also called a bridging pushup, this is a motion almost never trained in traditional work out programs

5. Cool Pushup #5: Hand Lift Push Up

Keep a tight body on this one! By going all the way down and then lifting your hands, you are sure to have the same range of motion on every rep. I like to use this one for testing athletes, as it eliminates head-bobbing and half-bending reps and keeps assessment quality high

6. Cool Pushup #6: Reach Out Push Up

Want a core strength and shoulder stability challenge? Give these a shot

7. Cool Pushup #7: Forward Ellipse Pushup

One of my very favorites

8. Cool Pushup #8: Ring Triceps Extension

Not really a “push up”, but a great variation to add in for strengthening the back of your arms

9. Cool Pushup #9: Plank Walk Up

Most people only think of this as a core exercise, but it is a great workout for your pushup muscles as well

10. Cool Pushup #10: Threading Push Up

Another push up variation that takes you out of the traditional “up/down” of regular pushups

BONUS!  Pushup “Finisher” Exercise

In this finisher – use at the end of your workout! – you do as many pushups in a low position as you can, then move up to make it a little easier, push up to failure, move up a little, and repeat until you can’t move your arms. I only do a few pushups in each position in the video, as a full set of these can take over 3 minutes. (If you don’t have rings or a TRX, you can use your gym’s Smith Machine, just slide the bar up 2 inches for every set)

And of course, I like to finish every push up workout with some stretching:

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