5 Hidden Energy Thieves

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Want more energy?  Take a look at these five sneaky energy sappers and make some simple changes.

Energy Thief #1: Medication

Many drugs have energy-stealing side effects.  Antidepressants and beta-blockers are common culprits.  If you’ve started feeling more lethargic since a medication change, ask your doctor for an alternative.

Energy Thief #2: Low Iron

Iron is a mineral that helps move oxygen around your body and remove waste from your cells.  When your iron levels are low, your body struggles to function properly and you feel perpetually worn out.  A simple blood test can tell you if you’re iron deficient.

Energy Thief #3: Dehydration

Even moderate dehydration impairs physical and metal performance.  Drink plenty of water even when you’re not thirsty to prevent dehydration before it starts.

Energy Thief #4: Overtraining

Workouts should leave you feeling slightly drained.  If you’re completely exhausted, you might have dipped to much into your energy levels and you’ll feel fatigued until you completely recover.  Make sure to leave a little in the tank after each workout so you can deal with life outside of the gym.

Energy Thief #5: Blue Screens

Cell phones, computers, and TVs all emit a blue light that suppresses your body’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin.  Limit all screen time a few hours before bed to make sure that your sleep is deep and energizing.

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