What’s Wrong With The Fitness Industry?

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A decade ago the average personal training client was looking to lose 15-30 pounds.  People could actually fit into the machines at the gym.

Today being 15-30 pounds overweight is considered “carrying a few extra pounds.”  Most of the average personal training clients can’t even fit into the machines at the gym.

It’s sad…. really sad.

Do you know what’s going on?

Let me show you….

 wal mart woman 1

wal mart woman 2

wal mart woman 3

wal mart woman 4

wal mart woman 5

wal mart woman 6

I’ll bet some of the people in these pictures have kids.  What kind of a message are they sending?

Why are all of these people eating themselves to death?

I don’t know.

Maybe they blame someone else.  Maybe they think there’s no hope for them.

I don’t know what the problem is.

But I know that most fat loss programs won’t cut it anymore.

One of my classmates in exercise science did a 12 week project training his obese mother.  He put her on a TEXTBOOK low fat diet and aerobic training program.

He got an A on his paper.


His mother died of a heart attack a week later.

broken heart

His exercise program failed her.

Knowing what I know now, I could have taken 30 pounds off of her in those 12 weeks and probably saved her life.

She could be hanging out with her 2 young grandkids right now.

But she’s not.  Why not?

Because 95% of what they teach you about exercise and nutrition is DEAD wrong.

Most fitness experts approach fitness completely backwards.

Don’t listen to them, listen to me.

I’m giving you the first page of the manual from last Saturday’s Rules of The Game Seminar.

You’ll see WHY most exercise programs are doomed to fail you.

And you’ll see what I’ve decided to base all of my fat loss programs on (it’s in bold, so you can’t miss it).


FAT LOSS FACT: 56% of Americans are currently “dieting”


One third of Americans are obese
Two thirds are overweight

In year 2000, obesity caused 400,000 US deaths – 16% of all preventable deaths and number 2 behind smoking (which caused 435,000 deaths – 18%)

This is due to the FAILURE of the fitness professions.

Despite fat loss, body composition, and physique transformation being the number one fitness goal of most people, this is actually a very new concept. 30 years ago we didn’t really need fat loss programs.

30 years ago the purpose of exercise was to ENHANCE an active lifestyle. But now we have to create programs specifically designed to enhance fat loss.

Exercise science has focused on aerobic training for HEALTH – not fat loss. Actually, the idea of training just to lose fat was an alien concept until the 1980’s.

Fitness guys knew it was time to create fat loss programs. They just didn’t know where to start. The first fat loss programs were designed by copying endurance athletes and hoping that somehow the program of a marathon runner would help a fat lady lose weight even when the program was cut down to 20 minutes 3x a week.


Problem: Fat loss was never the goal of endurance athletes. It was a side effect.

Then fitness guys turned to bodybuilding. Remember “Body For Life”? Another failure. To take the program of a full time, genetically gifted bodybuilder and use it to design a fat loss program for Mrs. Krensky was nonsensical.


But hey, at least they were trying something.

Bodybuilders are some of the most dedicated and driven people on the planet. They also devote ALL of their life to bodybuilding.

Then supplement companies (grandchildren of the traveling snake-oil doctors of the Midwest) jumped on the bandwagon and told us their miracle powders could give us the benefits of drugs without actually using the drugs.


This approach was closer. Fat loss WAS a goal for bodybuilders. But the low levels of bodyfat they achieved was a result of their increased muscle mass and metabolism.

Here’s the basis of my Unstoppable Fitness Formula: Before we start to program for fat loss, we have to understand exactly HOW it occurs. Then we design a program based on these principles – not on tradition, junk, or outdated beliefs.

girl pushup on gym floor


Now think back on all of the exercise programs you’ve seen or tried.  Were they just bastardized, watered-down versions of bodybuilder routines mixed with endurance routines?

I’ll bet they were.

If you’re serious about speeding up your metabolism, losing weight, and looking so good that you’re confident in your appearance everywhere you go, a lame edurance program or scaled-down bodybulding routine won’t do it for you.

You need something designed SPECIFICALLY for your goals.

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I Challenge You

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Don’t text me at 11pm.

A while ago, I got a text from one of my friends who forgot that I get up at 4 in the morning.

Baby with cell phone

He’d seen a post about my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan and wanted to ask me some questions.

After a while, you start getting the same questions over and over about a program like this…

Aaron (my friend) had heard on Facebook that I’d come up with a new done-for-you meal plan and workout routine.  That there was FINALLY a system that anyone could use that would let even people with “bad genetics” lose pounds and inches quickly.

And it was done WITHOUT a starvation diet, doing any long, slow cardio, or spending hours in the gym.

Fit Woman Dancing In Field

So I called Aaron back.  He asked all of the usual questions, until…

“Does it work?” he asked me.

“Of course it #*$&%^ works!”

“Do you mind if I try it out?”

“It’s a $(&*$^*&^@ how-to plan.  The whole POINT is to try it out”

As you can see, I’m very charming when my friends wake me up in the middle of the night….

Anyway, he paid for the nutrition plan and I emailed it to him.  (Since he lives in Seattle, Washington, he couldn’t come to the bootcamp workouts)

Space Needle seattle

I promptly forgot about the whole thing.

And then I got another text.  He’d actually gone and followed the plan!

“Sweet! 12.8 pounds and 2 inches in 3 weeks!”

Of course, he had to be a killjoy and text me five minutes later that he would always be better-looking than me, no matter how much he weighs….

People on the 21 Day Plan send me texts of their progress:

Here’s one from John: “8 days = 5.2 pounds down.”

And from Melissa: “FYI down 10pds!  Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!”

And Terii: “In just 18 days I lost 10.5 pounds and 1in from my hips. thank you!”

And from someone who will remain nameless: “i’m not totally on it and my only two pants that i can wear are getting too loose. i’ll be naked in about 5 days”

Well, yesterday afternoon I stopped by another gym in Carson City to talk to one of the trainers.  I saw lots and lots of people, pretending to work out, spending lots of money on “magic potions” that don’t work, and wasting their time on boring pieces of cardio equipment.

And that got me thinking this morning…

If the five random people above could benefit so much from my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan, isn’t it time for you to cowboy up and give it a shot?


So, here’s the Rapid Fat Loss Challenge:

Follow my nutrition plan for 3 weeks.  Come to as many bootcamp sessions as you want to.

It’s a simple system that gets you losing fat FAST.

How much easier could it get?

Now, it’s time for me to get off the computer and get back to training some awesome people.


Luke giving nutrition lecture at Capital City Volleyball Club

The 2 Most Important Things You Need For Weight Loss

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Guess what?  It’s already October!

happy halloween pumpkin ghosts

This year has really gone quickly.  I mean, I could hardly believe it was 2009 and now it’s almost 2010!

And in January of 2010 everyone will set the same old resolutions.  Just 3 months away.

But don’t get depressed!  3 months is a long time – you can get a LOT done in 3 months.

I used to train a group of lawyers and I asked those guys if there was any law stating that the only time you can set goals is on December 31st.  Luckily, there isn’t any law.  You can start making progress towards your goal ANYTIME!


Do you want to lose fat?  Is that your goal?  You could easily lose 2-3 pounds per week by starting now, working hard on your training, and tightening up your nutrition.

Since there are still 12 whole weeks left until New Years, you could lose 20-30 lbs before New Year’s Eve.

12 weeks left in the year.  Imagine how you’d FEEL if you started out 2010 already 20 pounds lighter than you are now?  You’d feel great!

Now, there are TWO main things you need if you want to lose weight and feel great:

1. The right mindset so that you’ll TAKE ACTION

2. A set of skills that guides you through the various stages of weight loss

Now here’s the cool thing:  When someone comes into my gym for the first time they fill out a quick form and one of the questions I ask is, “What are your biggest frustrations when it comes to health, fitness, and weight loss?

More than 63% of people write: MOTIVATION.

no motivation to lose weight

And when I ask why, it turns out that most people aren’t motivated is because they don’t believe in themselves.

They KNOW that my Unstoppable Fitness Formula works, they’re just unsure that they’ll be able to stick to the plan.

I used to think that the way to do anything was to get motivated, then do the thing.

But after having worked with hundreds of people, I found out the TRUTH

FIRST you do the thing, THEN you get the motivation!

andra before and after back view

So you start off following a proven plan designed to take you through the various stages of weight loss.

Here’s what is going to happen:

You lose a couple pounds….

…………….Then you get some motivation.

The workouts feel easier…

…………….You get some more motivation.

All of your clothes are too big….

…………….You’ve got some much motivation that you’ve developed an UNSTOPPABLE mindset!

One of my newest bootcampers sent me an email this morning.  She said: “thanks for the meal plans. FYI down 10pds! Unbelievable!!!!!!!!

Do you think that losing ten pounds in 2 weeks would motivate you?

Find a proven plan and follow it for a few weeks.  My favorite is my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan (it’s what helped my bootcamper above lose 10 pounds in only 2 weeks).

And THEN you’ll be motivated to finish out 2009 with a bang!

woman jumping for joy

If you haven’t started anything it’s not too late.  Make some goals NOW and get a huge jump start on 2010.

Don’t let these next 3 months slide by without doing something!

Jack LaLanne Is Awesome!

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Pretty much everyone has heard of the great Jack LaLanne.

He started his first health clubs back in the thirties (30s!).

He invented many training tools and techniques that we still use today.

jack lalanne and wife

Well, Jack used to have his own health and fitness tv show.

My Grandma Margie used to work out with Jack every day.  And my mom remembers seeing grandma doing handstands along with Jack on the show!

I could go on and on about how neat Jack is, but I’d rather share some clips of the man himself….

Have you ever noticed that everyone you see looks like the picture on their driver’s license?  Why is everyone so unhappy all of the time?  Here’s Jack’s take on unhappy people:

If you haven’t heard, besides running Wold Fitness and Carson City Boot Camp, I’m also the strength and conditioning coach for Capital City Volleyball Club.

The volleyball club has several hundred female athletes, mostly between 12-18 years old.

Coaches have noticed that even in the last few years athletes are getting softer, they just LOOK different.  Jack says they look like sugar because they EAT sugar.  (It’s true, these girls eat nothing but candy and nasty-sports drinks on their breaks)

Of course, I’ve noticed that while the girls are getting softer around the middle, their PARENTS are getting even WORSE.

What does Jack have to say about “sugarholics”?

The other day I wrote an article about how to Have More Energy. Of course, Jack has his own techniques and they’ve kept him going like a rocket well into his ninth decade!

Here are his energy secrets:

This is a great story and a great analogy, Life Is A Battlefield. Make up your mind to win!

A lot of people don’t do well in life because they don’t FEEL well. Here’s how to feel good and deal with problems:

The problem with being fat and having poor health is that it doesn’t happen as a single, cataclysmic event. It is the results of just a few errors in judgment, repeated every day for years. And that’s how we end up where we do. (I love the part of this video where Jack says that most people think the body is made up of coffee and cigarettes…)

Are you a slave to your body?

Lots of people I know spend all weekend shuttling back and forth to home depot to make their house look BETTER THAN NEW. Why don’t you take some time to remodel your body?

Jack LaLanne was wayyy ahead of his time. And I love the way he talks to us like we’re all his best friend.

And so we’ll end with a quote from the man himself:

The only way you get that fat off is to eat less and exercise more.

5 Reasons Aerobics Suck For Fat Loss

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A lot of people ask me why I say aerobic exercise sucks when it comes to losing fat.

Simple – I say it because I’ve seen it time and time again in my clients.

aerobicss suck tie

One lady came to me after she had faithfully jogged 6 days a week for a year.  When she started, she did a half an hour a day and quickly lost five pounds.  Then the weight came back.

She upped it to an hour a day.  This time she went down 8 pounds in 2 weeks, but had gained 7 of them back by the end of the month.

By the end of the year she was doing an hour on the treadmill and an hour on the elliptical every day PLUS pilates classes 3 times a week.  Fifteen hours of exercise a week.  For most of a year.  And she only lost a total of 7 pounds.

Now, I’m not faulting her effort.  Far from it!  That’s a heck of a lot of really hard work!

The thing is, she wasn’t that big to start with.  So she plateaued quickly.  Someone a little larger at the beginning might have lost 15 pounds but then reached a point where she wasn’t seeing any results from her efforts.


And THAT is one of the big problems with aerobic training for fat loss.   It doesn’t get you to the body you want!  (Other problems are orthopedic damage, monotony of sessions, body shape stays the same as weight goes down, and more)

Here are the simple basics of how incorrect exercise programming – focusing on aerobics – can actually REDUCE your metabolism and make it HARDER to lose fat.

Here are 5 Reasons Aerobics Suck For Fat Loss:

Loss of Lean, Toned Muscle

Your lean muscles burn a LOT of fat.  Losing muscle as a result of too much aerobic work means you’ll burn fewer calories.

skinny runner aerobics

Total Weight Loss

The less you weigh, the fewer calories it takes to move your body.  Simple physics.

Exercise Economy

As you become more skilled at performing repetitive exercises, like pedaling a bicycle, you become more efficient and burn fewer calories.

Stimulus Adaptation

Your body changes and becomes used to the workload (remember the woman who jogged an hour then jumped on the elliptical?).  As it adapts you will burn fewer calories.

Improved Fitness

Because of everything above, you won’t burn nearly as many calories going about your daily routine.  You’ll actually burn fewer calories when you’re resting.


The good news is that all of this can EASILY be avoided by following a sound training program.

You can maintain and even toned up your muscles with resistance training.  (At Fit Body Bootcamp we use your own body as resistance, so you won’t bulk up, but will tone instead)

fit body bootcamp logo for aerobics blog

You can prevent an adaptation to the stimulus by changing exercises, sets, reps, rest, and loading.  Planned variation and progressions are the keys to prevent going stale.  Plus, it makes it a lot more fun!

See, my Unstoppable Fitness Formula focuses on raising your METABOLISM so that you burn calories all freakin’ day!

No matter whether you train with me or on your own, you need to train in ways that maximize your metabolism, to turn your body into a fat-incinerating furnace.  Now get after it!

jennifer garner sunset toned muscles

The History Of Gooby Juice

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Today I want to tell you about something TOTALLY awesome.

I’ve been doing lots of research on nutrition lately, to find out what really works and how to make it work even faster.

nutrition research for carson city gym blog

Some of the information that’s out there completely blows my mind!  Things like diets where participants GAINED muscle while on an 800Calorie liquid diet.  Other studies where athletes gained FAT even while working out 6 hours a week.

Nutrition and weight loss is complicated stuff, that’s for sure.

Now here’s the totally awesome info I promised you…

13 years ago, an explorer in the Alakazam River Basin found an ancient manuscript.

indiana jones in cave with flashlight

It described the magical health benefits of the Gooby Berry, which only grows in the Alakazam River Basin.

The ancients used the juice of these berries to keep their bodies lean, strong, and healthy.

The Gooby Berry also made their hair shinier, whitened their teeth, and boosted their sex drive.

All of these benefits were found in the humble Gooby Berry from the Alakazam River Basin….

acai berry for carson city gym blog

The explorer couldn’t wait to share his discovery with the world!

For the past 13 years his company has been bottling this magic Gooby Berry juice in abandoned wine bottles.

gooby berry bottles

The ancients in the Alakazam River Basin didn’t have an obesity problem, but it turns out that Gooby Berry Juice also cures fat stomachs!

Just drink one ounce of Gooby Berry Juice a day and you can lose 37 pounds in a week!

The Gooby Berry juice company is run under the label “Money 4me”, so if you want to lose 37 pounds in a week, cure cancer, and become irresistable to the opposite sex, just find your nearest “Money 4me” distributor. (You won’t have to look far….)


Ok, maybe I was being a little bit sarcastic.

That’s because I’ve had so many distributors of “magic potions” bug me about stocking their stuff in our gym.

While I wish I could give you a way to lose weight that’s as easy as taking a pill every morning, it doesn’t work that way.

The secret is to find a proven plan that you can fit your life around, include nutrition AND exercise, and is fun to do (so you’ll stick with it).

smurf magic berries cereal

Instead of focusing on a “miracle berry” I think you need to learn more about this particular part of your life…. and I think you need to be focusing on how YOU can succeed.

My advice?

Come to my next seminar.  One of the most important aspects of my program is the “big picture” information we cover.

I spend several hours helping you understand the science and realities of getting the body you want to have…. which then becomes kind of a FOUNDATION for the other things you’re learning from me.

It really is the kind of thing that will change the way you see eating and exercise forever… and it will take you to the next level MUCH faster.

The next seminar will be in October.  I’ll see you then!

nutrition seminar picture

Turkeys, Crabs, and Jerks – Oh My!

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“You can’t soar with the eagles if you’re scratching around with turkeys”

The above quote is on one of the first pages of my journal.  There’s no name attached, and google tells me that a lot of people are taking the credit…

But, regardless of who said it first, it’s an important thing to remember – especially when it comes to your body shape.

A Harvard study showed that spending time with fat people all but guarantees that you’ll be fat.

A few years ago my Dad and I went to visit my uncle, who was then the tourism director for Port Angeles, WA.

twilight_book_cover for carson city personal trainer blog

That’s the area where the ultra-popular Twilight novels are set.

If you’ve never been, I suggest you make plans to visit.  There are lots of great hiking trails, ocean adventures, and you’re right across the water from Victoria B.C., where there are museums and art galleries everywhere!

port angeles for carson city personal trainer blog

One afternoon we took my uncle’s boat out to catch some fresh crabs.

When you take the crabs out of the traps, you just toss them in a big bucket.  After the second trap the bucket has lots of crabs crawling around over each other.

This one crab was all set to get out of the bucket.  He was ambitious enough  to climb on top of all the other crabs and then hooked on to the lip of the bucket.

bucket of crabs for carson city personal trainer blog

Now, I’m not a fan of deep water, so I had a white-knuckled grip on the side of the boat.  I wasn’t about to let go before we were back at the dock.

When it looked like the ambitious crab was about to make a prison break, I hollered, “Yo!  One of the crabs is getting out!

My dad and uncle just laughed and told me to watch.

Fine,” I thought, “if they don’t care about losing dinner then neither do I

What happened next has a lot to do with that Harvard study I mentioned a minute ago…

The ambitious crab was getting ready for freedom and pulling himself up out of the dinner bucket, the other 5 crabs below him REACHED UP AND PULLED HIM BACK DOWN!!

A fisherman on the boat told me that crabs just “police” each other.

guy in crab suit for carson city personal trainer blog

But what that means is they drag each other down.

This reminds me of what I see with my clients and friends every day.

We’re surround by crabs who waste our time and drain our energy….   These crabs destroy your passion, motivation, enthusiasm and ambition.

(Often times it’s just an unconscious response, just like the Port Angeles crabs in a bucket.  That doesn’t make it any less real.)

Fear is what drives them.

Fear of losing you.

Fear of being left behind.

Fear of change.

Fear that they couldn’t do it.

These fears are camouflaged as concern for you.  They urge you to be “Realistic.”

crab_hat for carson city personal trainer blog

They always have a reason to burst your bubble, to pull you down with the rest of the crabs.

To put the seed of doubt into your ambitions.

These crabs are often the people closest to you.  Often very close…

They kill your mojo.

Sap your energy.

Drag you down.

You can feel the bad vibes coming off of them…

bad vibes woman for carson city personal trainer blog

Sound like anyone you know?

Well, after thinking about that bucket full of crabs, I took a hard look at the people in my life.

And then I cut out people who were sapping my energy.


Other trainers.

I even limit exposure to certain people who (unfortunately) can’t be cut out permanently because they’re family.

If  I could give you one thing right now, today, it would be the ability to recognize the crabs in your life….

The people, the thoughts, and the ideas that are pulling you down, holding you back from achieving your goals.

Maybe it’s even you…….

crab mirror for carson city personal trainer blog

10 Quick Reasons Aerobics Suck

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I’ve written about aerobics before: Aerobics SUCK!

Yesterday I brought in a book for show-and-tell.  The book is titled… Aerobics!

Before Dr. Ken Cooper coined the word aerobics the only people who ran were runners, the only people who swam were swimmers, and the only people who swam were swimmers.  In other words, running, swimming, and biking were RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES, not “exercise.”

Then aerobics became the holy grail of exercise, and everyone got fatter.  So we did more aerobics, and we got even fatter.  Now Americans do more aerobics than ever, and we’re the fattest we’ve ever been.

I want to put this out there: Unless you enjoy it and are already fit, traditional aerobics are not only useless, they can actually DAMAGE your body.  Overuse injuries, oxidative stress, extreme carb cravings… all from a type of exercise that doesn’t work anyway.

So, here are 10 really quick reasons aerobics suck:

1.  Small Number Of Calories Burned For Time Spent.

Jog for an hour: 400 Calories

Drink a Gatorade: 200 Calories

Aerobics burn so few calories that all the time on the treadmill can be offset by a small meal.

2.  Adrenal Fatigue.

Ever hear of a “runner’s high.”  It’s the good feeling you get from aerobic exercise.

Your runner’s high actually comes from adrenaline, so repeatedly going for a runner’s high leads to adrenal burnout and fatigue: also known as chronic fatigue and depression.

3. More Cortisol Produced

Cortisol breaks down lean muscle (the main component in your metabolism) and promotes extra fat storage.

When you do aerobic training to relieve stress, your body actually produces MORE stress and causes you to gain weight and feel poopy.

If you want to know more about cortisol, check out this post: New Information To Fight Belly Fat

4.  Bigger Appetite and Binge Eating

Doing aerobics makes you super HUNGRY!

I’ve had experience with this one first hand: I used to go for long runs with my training partners, then we’d usually be so starved we’d hit Dairy Queen and binge on ice cream right afterwards.  Whoops.

5.  Shortened Muscles

Most aerobics involve incredibly high repetitions of short range movements.

Jogging and biking are both popular aerobic training plans, and both shorten your working muscles.

This leads to inflexibility, immobility, and muscular imbalances.

High levels of aerobic training will lead you to a body wracked with chronic pain.

6.  Injuries to Your Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hips, and Lower back

Jogging/running creates high impact forces through your joints.  Add in the fact that a mile of jogging involves more than an thousand reps and you have a recipe for injury.

Even “low impact” aerobic exercise like biking can cause joint injuries due to overuse of a short range of motion.

7.  Muscle Fiber Conversion

Aerobic exercise can turn fast-twitch muscle fibers into slow-twitch muscle fibers.

This leads to a shrunken, weak body that has a true age much older than your chronological age.

8.  Excessive Fatigue

Aerobics makes you so tired and beat up that you don’t have any energy left for more productive training.

9.  Lowered Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a “feel young” hormone in both men and women.

Lowered testosterone leads to fatigue, mood swings, muscle loss, and increased fat storage.

10.  Oxidative Stress

Everyone has heard that antioxidants are extremely important for health and weight loss.

Well, aerobic training leads to high levels of oxidation in your body that can lead to things like cancer and heart attacks.

If you’re currently doing aerobics for health or for weight loss, you are holding yourself back!

Find a more productive method of training, one that doesn’t break down your body and ruin your health.


No More Excuses!

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You’ve been doing it for a while now, probably longer than you realize. Again and again, you come up with a reason why you’re going to start TOMORROW.

Before you know it, you wake up one morning and you’re 5 lbs, 10 lbs, or 15 lbs heavier than you were a few months ago!

Enough is enough. Now is the time to stop making excuses, to stop putting your fitness on hold, and to start working out.

Don’t Let Age Get the Upper Hand

With every year that passes, your body conspires to make getting into shape harder. Your metabolism slows down as you age, adding weight that you’ll have a harder time shedding. Your growth hormone production slows down, making it even more of a challenge! What might have been a snap at 20 will take more time and effort at 45.

Here’s the good news: You CAN absolutely get fit at ANY age! BUT….the longer you put it off, the harder it will be to make those changes.

Your body is more primed to respond to exercise right NOW, than it will be even 6 months from now. And, if you happen to be that 45 year old who starts working out today, know that soon enough you’ll be fitter than a 20 year old who’s sitting around still making excuses!

The Chicken or the Egg?

It could be that you’re overweight and think you need to lose a few pounds before you start working out. So, you’ve decided that you’re going to lose weight by dieting BEFORE you start an exercise program. You’ve even got a list of groceries to restock your fridge and pantry with and to start you on your way.

It’s true that watching what you eat is a huge part of a fitter, trimmer life. But studies show that making the switch to healthier eating is easier when you’re already working out regularly.

Exercise will cause you to crave healthier foods, encouraging a fit diet to come more naturally, and the pounds to melt off quicker!

Laziness Makes You Even More Tired

Maybe you’re waiting around until you feel less exhausted and fatigued by work, family, and everything else that goes on. Chances are, you will ALWAYS have a ton of things going to that will zap up your energy!

More good news: Exercise will INCREASE your energy throughout the day, so you will have more clarity and be able to get more done during your day

You’ve just got to get the ball rolling!

It’s a Mental Game

Fitness is about being proactive mentally AND physically – putting it off will actually psyche you out! Adding regular exercise isn’t necessarily easy. But the longer you wait to begin working our regularly, the more insurmountable a challenge it will seem.

Put the kibosh on negativity before it starts to impact your drive to workout and live healthier! The little engine that could do did do because he was already doing.

Decide right now to stop your excuses and take the first step. Together we will come up with the perfect personalized fitness plan for you. It will be unique to your lifestyle and get you to your goals quickly.

Men Are Confused

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On Wednesday I received an email from one of my buddies.

His girlfriend dumped him and now he wants to lift weights and get super-huge muscles so that he can “show her what she’s missing.”

just dumped

I get this from guys all of the time.  They want to put on a lot of muscle to impress the ladies.

Well, most of my personal training clients are women so I’ve asked them what type of body they prefer on men.

It isn’t huge arms and a button-popping chest.

No, it’s wide shoulders, tight butt, and hard stomach.

But my friends disagree with me.  They say that ALL women prefer dudes who are “jacked.”

Actually, it’s GUYS who are impressed the most by bodybuilder type builds, not women.

Like I asked my buddy, “Who would you rather impress, your frat brothers or attractive women?”

So today I’d like you to cast a vote.  Which of the three bodies below is most attractive?  (Men, which body would you rather have?)

Body 1: Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman


Body 2: Model Carlos Freire

Carlos Freire

Body 3: Random Image of an average dude


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