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Since I don’t like to clutter people’s email inboxes up, I post blog updates and special announcements on the Wold Fitness Facebook page.  (I asked in bootcamp, and most people check their facebook more than their email!)

So… here’s the link to Wold Fitness: http://www.facebook.com/woldfitness

And here are some of the cool pictures from our wall:

Carson City Bootcamp

Halloween Fitness Reading

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A Carson City Personal Training post by Luke Wold

Instead of watching a scary movie and being tempted by the big bowl of treats tonight, check out the last week’s worth of posts from Wold Fitness!

This post has two three studies showing how you can not only get your workout done faster, you can apply a few simple tweaks to multiply the effectiveness of everything you do:

Inside Luke’s Head: Hacking Your Workout For Faster Results

The ValSlide is one of my favorite fitness tools.  It looks too innocent to be so diabolical!  In this post I have videos of 15 ValSlide exercises that I recommend for wrestlers, MMA fighters, and other grapplers.  But even if you have no desire to step onto the mat, these exercises will help you get the lean, toned bod that the best fighters have:

15 ValSlide Exercises For Serious Grapplers

One of the biggest goals for most of my female clients is THINNER THIGHS!  In this special guest post, Women’s Health author Craig Ballantyne shares his top secrets for losing inches:

7 Tips For Thinner Thighs

As most of you know, I was messed up in a car wreck almost 2 years ago, and I missed 12 months of working out.  Just standing up was so painful I wanted to cry.  The dude who fixed me is Dr. Brian Russell.  In this post Dr. Russell shares two studies showing how you can improve your health and fitness with NO additional exercise!:

Chiropractic And Sport

Even though I know no one on a weight loss program would ever think of drinking to excess, you might have some friends or family members who want to celebrate with a big blowout.  Here are some strategies that will help them avoid and cure a hangover:

8 Ways To Beat Your Hangover On Nevada Day

Sometimes we haven’t been following a nutrition plan very closely and then SURPRISE, a big event comes up that makes us wish we had been!  Here are a few strategies to use to look your best when you only have a few days to prepare (but next time, build up to it!):

5 Tricks To Look A Treat On Halloween!

I’m always down to try a new recipe using paleolithic ingredients.  One of my recent experiments was so delicious that I had to share it with everyone:

Bootcamp Fuel: Paleo Peach And Pecan Scramble

Sadly, this offer is over.  But if you want to save on your bootcamp membership, there is an everyday discount if you sign up for a year in advance.  Email me if you’re interested.

Luke’s 28th Birthday Boot Camp Celebration!

It’s still weird to me that an exercise freak like myself has started studying organic farming.  There’s a good reason though, and it’s this: You Will Never Be Healthier Than The Food You Eat.  You think you’re being good by eating chicken and veggies and then it turns out the chicken is full of hormones and the veggies are full of pesticides and they’re poisoning you.  It’s sad.  Check this post out:

You Are What Your Food Eats

That’s it for this week!

See you on the other side..

~ Luke Wold

PS – I mostly write about whatever I’ve been thinking about lately, but I’d LOVE to get you the information you want and need to reach your health and fitness goals.  Leave me a comment with any ideas or questions and I’ll dig into my files and find the answer for you :)

Luke’s 28th Birthday Bootcamp Celebration

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If you count running conditioning classes for martial artists, I’ve been a trainer for 13 years now.

Long time.

According to Malcom Gladwell’s book “Outliers” it’s long enough to make me an expert.

(Of course, majoring in Exercise Science in college helped speed me along ;))

This Thursday I’m turning 28 and to celebrate I’m taking 28% off a membership to Wold Fitness Boot Camp.

So, until Friday (10/29) at Midnight you can rock out and get an awesome deal.

When you sign up for 12 months, bootcamp is only 247 a month, but with the birthday hook up, you can upgrade to a year for just 2134 all in one go (28% off!)

Less than six bones a day for my ultimate fitness and fat loss bootcamp

If you want in, drop me an email at LDWold (at) Gmail.com.  I’ll give you a call and get you all set up.

Oh, and as a bonus for anyone who gets 28% off this next year, you get a free pass to my big-time self-defense seminar next month.

Talk to you soon :)

~ Luke

Rainy Sunday Reading

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It’s raining hard here in Carson City (they closed down my street because of flooding!) so I thought I’d re-cap the last week’s blogs for you, just in case you missed any ;)

If you love treats as much as I do, you’ll want to try my coconut ice cream recipe.  It has all paleo ingredients – the ice cream make is fully modern, though!

Coconut Milk Ice Cream Recipe

One of the biggest things you can do to be a better athlete is increase your vertical jump.  I and four other experts contributed our top three tips.  Check them and then jump out of the gym:

15 Tips For A Higher Vertical Jump

Do you get hard-core carb cravings at night?  My friend Tom “4% Body Fat” Venuto shares his point of view on carbs at night:

Night Time Eating And Fat Loss

There used to be a really creepy guy masquerading as a personal trainer at the gym I joined in college.  This post has maybe the two funniest pictures EVER on this website (both from yoga classes!), and some videos of my trying to be creepy:

Return Of The Creepy Personal Trainer

A great athletic trainer posted two pull-up bar challenges on his website, so I decided to give them a shot.  The first one gassed me so much I couldn’t talk by the end…

Two Pull Up Challenges

And I think this is really cool: proven strategies to reduce cellulite.  If you have cellulite, or are worried you might get it, make sure to read:

5 Ways To Lose Cellulite

Now, stay tuned this week for…

  • Looking Great For Halloween In Only A Week
  • Avoiding A Hangover On Nevada Day!!
  • How To “Hack” Your Workouts For Better Results
  • Luke’s Birthday Celebration
  • And a few surprises….

Talk soon!

~ Luke Wold

Golden Oldies: Fitness Posts You Probably Don’t Remember

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“Hey, I know that exercise!  I just forgot it!”

This morning I watched a bodyweight exercise DVD and reminded myself of a few favorite exercises.

It’s always cool to go over old information and see what it looks like from a new perspective.

With that in mind, here are a few posts that will totally help you reach your fat loss and fitness goals:

Soy is bad for the environment AND your health (it also stops fat loss!)

Soy, My Nipples, And Your Health

If you do nothing else but cut grains out of your diet, you’ll be at lower risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.  Also, you’ll be thinner and less bloated:

Grains SUCK!

Diabetes is all about insulin management.  And controlling insulin is the first step to getting the body you deserve.  Get the basics here:

Understanding Insulin: No Biochemistry Needed!

My weight loss and fitness programs are all based on understanding how and what your metabolism really is.  If you want to know the WHY of my system, check this out:

The Four Components Of Metabolism

Once you have the components of metabolism down, you’ll be ready for these posts on the failure of aerobics:

Aerobics SUCK!

5 Reasons Aerobics Suck For Fat Loss

Important News For People Who Hate A Long And Boring “Cardio” Workout

And here is a post showing that resistance training raises your metabolism even AFTER your workout:

Enhanced Abdominal Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Lipolysis = “Burns More Belly Fat”

Lastly, here are 2 examples of effective metabolism boosting workouts (so you can show your friends and family what REALLY works :))

Simple Bootcamp Workout (actual bootcamp session)

6 Week Workout For Fat Loss (actual personal training program)

Freakin’ Sweet Summer 2010

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Some sweet stuff is happening this summer with Wold Fitness Personal Training and Bootcamp.

I’m putting together a special report with fitness secrets from celebrity trainers.

Here are just a few of the clients these trainers I’m interviewing have worked with: Mary J Blige, Nicole Richie, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Liddell, Matthew Perry, Debra Messing, Rick Fox, Nicole Sherzinger (from the Pussycat Dolls), Richard Gere, Cindy Crawford, Jim Carrey, Lauren Holly, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Shue, Jon Favreau, Kate Beckinsale, Rachel Nichols, Jennifer Garner, and a whole lot more!

A special summer bootcamp featuring KETTLEBELLS is going to happen.  We had a little trouble finding a location, but now all systems are GO!

Kettlebells are the hottest, most effective training tool out there.  When you pair a kettlebell with my Firestorm Fat Loss system, you have the hands-down best method for losing weight and getting a toned and fit body there is.

Check out this girl using kettlebells in her workout:

Lots of people have asked if there’s a “next level” they can go to with their training.  More exclusive, more elite.  Well, Wold Fitness PLATINUM is launching in the next few weeks.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but Platinum members will be getting all sorts of special privileges like members-ONLY seminars and special events, copies of ALL of my training, nutrition, and other programs, unlimited personal training, home visits, and much more…

And finally… I’m teaming up with Dr. Brian Russell to put on a seminar for parents of young athletes.  Here’s the email:

We are pleased to announce a FREE clinic/seminar to educate parents on helping their children (athletes) better prevent sports injuries and heal faster.

Dr Brian Russell (Chiropractic Physician) & Luke Wold (Certified Health/Fitness Instructor) will be presenting (FREE of Charge) a Seminar focused on Preventing Sports Injuries.

To accommodate the multitudes of schedules and groups they have kindly agreed to do 4 separate (but repeat) presentations.

Wednesday (5/12) @ 6:00-7:00pm
Wednesday (5/12) @ 7:00-8:00pm
Thursday (5/13) @ 7:30-8:30pm
Tuesday (5/18) @ 6:00-7:00pm

ALL seminars will be offered in Carson City at Capital City’s practice facility (The Silver State Athletic Center; 5680 Morgan Mill Rd). There are no plans (currently) to offer a similar seminar in Reno.

You may attend any of the times offered. The clinics/seminar coincide with normal Carson practice times so as to hopefully minimize commuting.

The following is the general synopsis of talking points (provided by Dr Russell & Luke Wold):

“During this 60 minute class we will be addressing issues like:

1) Proper nutrition for the athletes.
2) The importance of warming up. Why the athletes do strength and conditioning to prevent injury.
3) Info on athletic taping to help prevent injuries.
4) When to ice, heat, play, or stay out of the game after a player gets injured.
5) What signs should I look for in my athlete to know if she is struggling with an injury.

The goal of this workshop is to empower parents/guardians with knowledge and to support them in taking an active role in preventing sports injuries.”

We hope you are able to attend and will benefit from this offer.

That’s the big news for Summer 2010 (so far….)

Coming tomorrow: A 2 week weight loss challenge!

~ Luke

Aggressive Carson City Personal Training

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A lot of Carson City, NV locals go to the gym with their own ingrained personal ideas about how to lose weight, different training methods, what equipment to use, and which exercises they should do for what their fitness goal is. The problem is that almost all of this information is completely incorrect! Some weight loss methods are based on old-wives tales, still more on misinformation and out-right lies from the weight-loss industry.

Mistake #1 : Eat Less, Lose Weight

Unfortunately, simply consuming less food does not guarantee a healthy and attractive body. It definitely help, but the biggest factor is the type of food you’re eating. If you’re eating a small portions, but they’re small portions of crappy food you’re not doing yourself any good!

You’re basically starving yourself and teaching your body to hold on to fat and excess pounds, as well as weakening your system so you’re not only hungry and malnourished, but you’re completely out of shape—there is nothing remotely attractive about that. At Wold Fitness personal training, we make sure our Carson City clients understand that they need to incorporate natural foods such as fruits and vegetables into their every day eating, as well as a few hours of the RIGHT KIND of exercise each week. We don’t just preach though, our personal trainers in Carson City also help you design your meal plans and offer delicious preparation ideas to help you reach your weight loss goals quickly, easily, and healthily.

Mistake #2 : More Time In The Gym, Less Fat On The Tummy

Again, you need a combination of training and proper nutrition – running on the treadmill all evening will not magically transform you. Despite what other Carson City personal trainers may tell you, you don’t need to spend excessive hours in the gym every week. Who wants to live in a gym? Many trainers try to lure you in for extra hours when they’re not even paying attention to you.

At Wold Fitness’s Personal Trainer Carson City program we will never abandon you or pressure you to practically live in the gym. Our focus is on getting you into shape through vigorous and exciting exercises aimed at melting off fat, sculpting muscles, raising metabolism, and firming up your whole body for a tight, toned, and super-attractive you. Our team of Carson City personal trainers know the most valuable exercises to make sure every minute of your training session will give you maximum results.

If you’ve bought into the two big mistake I listed above and never saw results, or if you’re new to personal fitness training and realize that you need the extra motivation and friendly kick-in-the-butt our personal training team offers, visit this page: Personal Trainer Carson City

We promise to push you, encourage you, guide you, and instruct you so that you can quickly work your way into an amazingly fit, toned, and extremely appealing body.

Short History Of Carson City

The Consolidated Municipality of Carson City is the capital of Nevada.

The Carson River (from which the city takes its name) was named after the famed mountain man Christopher “Kit” Carson by the explorer John Fremont in 1843.

In 1859, after discovery of gold and silver in the nearby Comstock Lode, Carson city’s population began to rise and the town was eventually selected as the territorial Capital of Nevada.

When Nevada became a state in 1864, Carson City was confirmed as the state capital as has remained ever since

Carson City Personal Training serving 89701, 89702, 89703, 89704, 89705, 89706, and 89711

What Can I Do For You?

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I hope you’re doing great and that 2010 is off to an awesome start for you!

This post is a little different than my last few.

It’s a new year. You probably have some health and fitness goals for the next 12 months.

Here’s the deal:  I want to help you achieve those goals.

So what I want to know from YOU is; what can I do for you?

uncle sam pointing finger at you

What do you need more clarification on?

What topics should I cover in the next few blog posts?

In the comment box below let me know what you need help with, and what I can
do for you to help you reach your goals for 2010.

Rock on!

Fitness Lessons From Eat, Pray, Love

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A fit and healthy gal named Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a best selling book called “Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia


In it, the skilled writer Elizabeth chronicles a year she spent divided between:

  • Italy (Learning how to love eating)
  • India (Learning how to love praying)
  • Bali (Learning how to love loving)

If you haven’t read it, don’t worry. I won’t spoil any surprises.

During four months Elizabeth spent at an Indian Ashram a fellow student gave her some great advice…


Indian Ashram
One day she was whining to him about her frustrations.

He could have sympathized with “Boy, that’s tough.” Or he could have criticized with “That’s nothing, stop whining!”

But he didn’t do either one.

Instead he said this…

“It’s a pity you’re the only person in the history of the world who ever had this problem.”

Isn’t what he said great? We ALL have problems, frustrations, fears, and doubts.

The thing to realize here is that problems can be overcome. It it’s been overcome once, somewhere, by someone, it can be overcome by you right here, right now. Her friend was giving her perspective.


She Had REAL Pizza In Italy
He went on to say:
“You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select what clothes you’re going to wear every day. This is a power you can cultivate.
If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That’s the only thing you should be trying to control.
Drop everything else but that.
Because if you can’t learn to master your thinking, you’re in deep trouble forever.”
 This is some powerful stuff.


Bali Looks Like Fun
In my Unstoppable Fitness Formula we have an abundance of techniques to help you master your thinking and accelerate your results.

Here’s one of my favorite exercises to find where your thinking is holding you back:

We’ll assume a goal of losing 5% of your body’s fat.

Now seriously ask yourself “What could I LOSE while working on this goal?”

Here’s a small sample of answers I’ve seen (with a rebuttal):

  • “I’d have to buy new clothes!” (How can THIS possibly be a negative?)
  • “My kids won’t want to eat healthier foods!” (Hey, YOU’RE the parent. Show them how much you love them by keeping them fit, healthy, and energetic)
  • “I’ll have to invest in a trainer!” (Having a trainer with a proven plan is often the deciding factor between success and failure)
  • “I’ll have to spend hours and hours in the gym!” (It only takes four 30 minute sessions a week. Couldn’t you find a few hours during the week where YOU are the most important thing to do?)
  • “I don’t like to sweat” (Get fat and you’ll sweat trying to tie your shoes)
  • “It won’t be any FUN!” (Find an a fun, energetic, knowledgeable trainer and then enlist a friend to sign up with you. It’ll be more fun than spending the next 20 years avoiding seeing yourself in the mirror, I promise)
  • “I’ll lose all my friends!” (If your friends would leave you for accomplishing such a healthy and fun goal, they weren’t your friends in the first place)

There are literally dozens of other objections and avoidances people list if they’re honest with themselves.

We subconsciously let these small fears keep us from taking action towards our needs, wants, and goals.


Bali Again!
So make your list of the negatives of achievement. Take a good hard look at it.

Couldn’t you quickly overcome all of them, if you wanted to?

Of course you could.

Don’t let your past control your future.

Re-read the title of this post, get moving, and don’t forget to Eat, Pray, and Love.

Committed to your success,

~ Lucas Wold

PS – Here’s more of wisdom from Elizabeth Gilbert:

“The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust, and blocked trust is the reason for blighted dreams.”

Trust yourself.


Elizabeth Gilbert

Straight Truth About National Chain Clubs Like Golds Gym Carson City

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Why National Health Clubs & Gyms Such As Golds Gym Carson City May Not Be The Best Option If You Really Want To Achieve Your Fitness Goals – Permanently!!

Many Carson City fitness seekers look at a national fitness chain such as Gold’s Gym In Carson City as a great option for their fitness needs. Sadly, these over-hyped fitness centers fail to provide the best fitness solution to their overcharged, underserved members.

Carson City Gold’s Gym Is Not A Value For Value Exchange

By going to a Carson City chain of Gold’s Gym, you will be receiving an uneven exchange. While you will pay the gym service a lot of money for their Carson City fitness services, you will receive far less in return. Unlike working with a Carson City personal trainer, you will not be receiving the best end of the trade.

Carson City Gold’s Gym Plays Into The Fitness Stereotype

Gold’s Gym is one of the many national chains that use stereotypes to advertise to the residents of Carson City.

For example, they make it seem that achieving a top of the line body (as seen in their commercials) is an easy process that a Gold’s Gym membership will give you in a short amount of time.

In reality, as a Carson City personal trainer would tell you, there is more to this process than the commercials lead you to believe.

Carson City Fitness Specialization For Ultimate Results

A personal fitness trainer will be more specialized in the fitness trade than a hired employee at Gold’s Gym. The requirements for employment at a place such as Gold’s Gym of Carson City are low compared to the credentials of an independent Carson City personal trainer.

A big reason for this is that the Carson City personal fitness trainer has to work harder to show that his or her service is better than that of a national corporation such as Gold’s Gym.

Carson City Golds Gym FAIL #1: A Carson City Personal Trainer Is Safer

It is much safer to enlist the services of a personal trainer in Carson City than to use the services of Gold’s Gym.

  • Since most personal Carson City trainers are unknown compared to a company such as Gold’s Gym, they are less likely to be robbed during business hours.
  • Since the Carson City personal trainer will be working with you individually (or sometimes in a small group), you do not have to worry about your personal effects being stolen.
  • A local Carson Cityfitness trainer will not cause you to go bankrupt.

Of course the last item was thrown in as a laugh but it is true. The price that you will have to pay for the “service” at Gold’s Gym is deadly compared to the price that you will have to pay a Carson City personal trainer.

Carson City Golds Gym FAIL #2: There Is No Commitment To A Carson City Personal Trainer

Unlike a place such as the Gold’s Gym of Carson City or any other Carson City Gym, Carson City Health Club, or Carson City Fitness Center you will not have to sign your soul over to a Carson City fitness trainer.

If you are unhappy with the services of the fitness trainer, then you can quit using their service. On the other hand, you will still have to pay for a full multi-year membership to Gold’s Gym even if you are unhappy with the service and have no plans to visit the Carson City Gold’s Gym location again.

Carson City Golds Gym FAIL #3: Carson City’s Gold’s Gym Cannot Compete With A Carson City Personal Trainer

Even though a company such as the Gold’s Gym of Carson City has a larger gym than a personal trainer in Carson City, it is unable to compete with the service and expertise provided by a personal trainer. A Carson City fitness trainer uses training resources more efficiently, giving you better results and allowing you to reach your fitness goals faster than that of a company such as Gold’s Gym that doesn’t want you to reach your fitness goals so that you will continue to pay to use their expensive service.